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AskPatti: Multiple crushes, plus size dating advice, flakey online dates & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
WOW! You all really delivered with amazing #AskPatti questions this week. I couldn’t quite answer all of them. But, I jammed as many as I possibly could into this one little column. Jump right in and see if I answered your question! Read more

#AskPatti: How To Get Over A Guy Who Keeps Contacting You

Ask Patti Stanger
Ugh, ugh, ugh. Let me tell you something—I can relate to this and I’m pretty sure that all women can. This situation is annoyingly common. Some douche dumps you because he’s a douche and then he won’t leave you alone to heal because he’s a double douche. Here are my steps for how to move on from this double dip of douchedom. Read more

#AskPatti: Mixed signals, long distance & meeting the kiddos

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! Reading your #AskPatti questions on Twitter is a real highlight of my week. I wish I could answer them all! Alas, I’m just one woman with one keyboard and one really busy schedule. So I can’t do all of them. But, I am going to try to answer as many as I can this week. Welcome to #AskPatti: Rapid Fire Edition! Read more

How Can I Make My Husband Swoon Like He Used To?

Welcome to Ask Patti! My weekly advice column where I answer your questions. If you have a question, just tweet me with the #AskPatti hashtag or click on that cute little widget in the right rail. See it? Just a little lower. Ok, you got it. Cute, right? Click on it and it totally sets you up to tweet at me. All right, on to this week’s question. Great question. Even the fact that you’re looking for ways to spice up your marriage shows me that you’re a great partner to your husband and really put effort into maintaining your relationship, which I like to hear. Relationships are about way more than falling in love. They’re about staying in love, which takes work. So, here are three tips I have for getting the excitement and intimacy back into your marriage. Read more
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