#AskPatti: Mixed signals, long distance & meeting the kiddos


Hello, hello! Reading your #AskPatti questions on Twitter is a real highlight of my week. I wish I could answer them all! Alas, I’m just one woman with one keyboard and one really busy schedule. So I can’t do all of them. But, I am going to try to answer as many as I can this week. Welcome to #AskPatti: Rapid Fire Edition!



He’s a douche. A total douche! So who cares what his signals mean? Seriously, why would you want to date someone who leads other women on when he’s in a relationship? Move on, girl. You’re going to find someone who’s actually single and man enough to straight up ask you on a date.



I always say let the man be a man and lead. But, that doesn’t mean that the dude should be the only one making the effort, in a long distance or local relationship. Relationships take a lot of work, on both of your parts. Just be sure you’re following his lead and not laying on the effort thicker than he is.



Meeting the kids is a big step. Huge! Whether you’re ready or not doesn’t depend on the amount of time you’ve been dating him though. It depends on how serious you are. Could you see being with this guy long term? If the answer is no, then do everyone involved a favor and politely decline the invite to meet his kiddos. If the answer is yes and you’re interested in having kids in your life, go for it!


And that’s it for now. If you have a relationship question, just tweet at me with the #AskPatti hashtag and you could be featured in my next column! Until then, my loves! XOXO!