#AskPatti: Dating to monogamy, a guy who lives with his ex, social media jealousy & more!

Ask Patti StangerHello again, tweethearts! I have missed your tweeting little faces! How have you darlings been? I’ve been so stinking busy! It’s a good kind of busy, of course. I mean, I’m someone who thrives on a busy schedule. But I’m also dying for a night at home with Netflix and a glass of wine and my baby. You know what I mean? Anyway, one thing I always look forward to having on my schedule, no matter how busy I am, is writing my #AskPatti column and responding to all of your questions. So, let’s not waste any time!

Great question. I have a question back for you though. What do you mean by monogamous? If you mean that you’re not going on dates with other guys, that can happen after date one. I’ve definitely had first dates so amazing that I canceled everything else I had set up for the week because it wouldn’t be fair to compare new guys to how smitten I was with my awesome date. If you mean a monogamous, committed relationship with a conversation with your boo and everything, I don’t think that can come earlier than three to five dates in and even that is early. Before that, what are you committing to? A guy you barely know who has good taste in restaurants, probably. And what is he committing to? The only think he knows about you is that you is that you won’t have sex until you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship. I’d be really skeptical of a man who jumps into monogamy. That’s not in a typical man’s nature.
Wait, WHAAAAAAA???? Why is your man living with his ex? To me, that indicates that she’s not actually his ex-girlfriend and could very much be his current girlfriend. In that case, don’t date him now or wait around. Move the eff on to someone who comes with way less baggage and drama!
So, I think I understand this question. Basically, what do you do if your boo is constantly jealous of what’s happening on your social media accounts? First, take a look at your social media accounts…are you giving your partner a reason to be jealous? Are you flirting? Hiding the fact that you’re in a relationship? Communicating with exes a lot? If the answer is yes, the problem is with you, not your boo! Start acting like you’re in a committed relationship and your partner will stop acting like a jealous jerk. If you’re on your best behavior online and your boo still is freaking out, I think it’s time for a bigger conversation. Talk about why you guys have these trust issues. It’s probably about more than just your Facebook profile.
Do nothing and wait around for it to find you, totally! What a great idea! I’m 100% kidding here. Finding love is work and you need to put in some elbow grease. But trust me, it’s so, so worth it!

K, that’s it for this week! Keep tweeting questions at me and I’ll talk with you lovies next week!