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What your millionaire man’s Valentine’s Day plans say about your relationship

Valentine’s Day is the holiday equivalent of “dun-dun-dun” music when it comes to newbie relationships. It’s the big reveal of how your dude feels about you, which is super high stress. Of course, the reveal is often a good thing. I mean, why else would he be dating you? But it can still feel daunting just because so much is on the line. If there’s a new millionaire man in your life and you’re not sure what his Valentine’s Day plans mean for your relationship, let me help you decode. Read more

The only product you need to have the best Valentine’s Day ever

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and literally everyone needs help attracting their mates this time of year. Single people need to break out of the app swiping ADD-hole they’re all in and people in relationships always need to work on keeping the attraction alive. How do you entice your mate? I’ve discovered a secret tool that amps up attraction on all levels—Eye of Love Pheromone Parfum. Read more

5 Budget Valentine’s Day date ideas that are super romantic

Valentine’s Day is a totally overhyped holiday…that I totally love. I can’t help it! I know it’s turned into a day that’s totally about commercialism and not about love and romance. And while I’m all for a spendy V-Day of wining and dining, that’s not in everyone’s budget. And limited funds really don’t mean that you have to limit your Valentine’s romance at all. Here are five very budget friendly V-Day dates that are just as romantic as the most expensive five-star meal! Read more

5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas millionaire men should get their girls

To my millionaire men, you’re in the final countdown to Valentine’s Day. V-Day is a major opportunity for you to shine and if you haven’t figured out what gift or, even better, what gifts, you’re getting your boo, it’s time to get your hiney in gear. Don’t mess this up! It’s so easy to be a total Romeo on Valentine’s Day with very little effort. Just make reservations for dinner at a place you know she’ll like, put on a suit and show up with one, or more, of the gifts on the list below and you’ll be a super stud. Read more

3 Ways to tell him what you want for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know how time moves like this, but Valentine’s Day is so freaking soon! If you don’t know what you want your man to do for you for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start thinking about it. And don’t tell me you want to be surprised. Because guess what? If you leave it all up to him, chances are that you’ll be disappointed. I know movies and TV make it seem like if you’re in the right relationship, your man will know exactly what you want for Valentine’s Day. Read more

How to tell if he wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but what if you’re not quite in love yet? Do you celebrate? That’s a tough question to figure out. For new couples and not official couples, instead of being a day of love, Valentine’s Day is a more like a day of stress! Here are some ways you can figure out if your dude wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you before the big day and hopefully avoid all that romantic strain and pressure. Read more
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