What your millionaire man’s Valentine’s Day plans say about your relationship

Valentine’s Day is the holiday equivalent of “dun-dun-dun” music when it comes to newbie relationships. It’s the big reveal of how your dude feels about you, which is super high stress. Of course, the reveal is often a good thing. I mean, why else would he be dating you? But it can still feel daunting just because so much is on the line. If there’s a new millionaire man in your life and you’re not sure what his Valentine’s Day plans mean for your relationship, let me help you decode.

Staying late at work

Ok, so millionaire men work a lot. It’s just a fact you have to accept if you’re going to date one of them. After all, how do you think they became millionaires? Not from Netflix-ing and chilling 24/7. That being said, unless you know he’s on a crazy tight deadline at work, it’s no bueno that he’s prioritizing work over a romantic evening with you. Even if he’s pressed for time, he should be able to squeeze in a meal with you on Valentine’s Day. So, if he’s staying late at work and there isn’t a full-blown emergency, this is a sign your relationship isn’t something he really cares about. Sorry to be the one to tell you.

Work trip

Work travel is a whole other thing, though. The clue you need to look for here is how he communicates about being out of town for February 14th. Does he give you a heads up and schedule a V-Day rain check date? If so, awesome. You’ve got a man who values you and knows how to show it. If he’s heading out of town with no discussion of Valentine’s Day, that’s much less positive. Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t as big a deal to men as it is to women, but still, if he’s been to a CVS in the past month, he knows what’s up. So, do some solid thinking about how you want to be treated by your boo and about if this guy’s capable of it.

Dinner with you

You two are going out on Valentine’s Day! Whoop! That’s really good news for your relationship. Not only does it mean that he’s totally into this relationship, it means he’s thinking about this relationship a lot. Valentine’s Day reservations def have to be made in advance. I really like the sounds of this! Good for you for hooking a winner.


Trip with you

Hear that? It’s the jackpot buzzers going off because, girl, you just hit it! A millionaire man who wants to whisk you away on a romantic adventure for the most romantic day of the year is amazing! It means that he’s all about your relationship and you and wants to spend a full trip with you. Very good sign for a relationship that’s just starting out. Way to rock it!

Night home with you

This might be controversial, but I think a millionaire guy who turns Valentine’s Day into a casual night at home is a dud. Come on! It’s the one day of the year where he can go as big and as cheesy as possible and he decides to do nothing but cuddle? Meh! Unless this is specifically what you told him you wanted for Valentine’s Day, this makes me think that he’s not putting the time, effort or money you deserve. Sorry, sister. But, it’s true!

Hope your millionaire boo celebrates V-Day the right way for you! Sending each and every one of you lots of Valentine’s Day love!