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What to do if your man doesn’t make healthy choices

Confession: I wasn’t always the healthiest person. For a long time, I let myself get so consumed with my business that I wasn’t prioritizing myself. I didn’t work out as much as I should have and certainly didn’t eat healthfully. And it showed, both physically and emotionally. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was impacting my romantic relationships in a major way. If I wasn’t good to myself, there was no way I could be good to someone else. Who would want to get involved in that scenario? Read more

Aging with Exuberance

Living with fantastic energy is my main squeeze lately… How to harness it, where to put it, most importantly who do I share my energy with. What does this have to do with aging you say? "EVERYTHING" Read more

How to Make the Most of Summer Dating Opportunities

With the arrival of nicer weather comes increased opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circle. Hopefully you have used my summer beauty and fashion tips into practice, and we can now dive into where you should go to make your summer romance happen. Read more

Four Great Reasons to Ditch the Diet

Ditch the diet

1. Following the dictates of a diet rather than your internal cues like hunger and satisfaction require you to ignore natural instincts.

Hunger is a signal from your body’s intelligence center that it wants to eat and is prepared for the proper metabolism of food.  Hunger is healthy; ignoring it is not commendable and may create a hypo-metabolic mode (in other words, a slower metabolism).  This means that the majority of incoming calories are stored as as fat instead of burning them for energy. (From the “Metabolism” chapter of my book, The French Twist, Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management) Read more

5 Terrible First Date Ideas

While I'm a huge proponent of health, fitness and not allowing yourself to fall into the lovely-but not at all healthy-happy relationship black hole of pizza, couch, sex, repeat, sometimes healthy living and dating just don't mix. Here are five healthy activities best enjoyed on your own or with friends, not when you're trying to impress a first date. Read more

4 Signs Your Relationship is Bad for Your Health

Stressed out by her relationship, woman wonders if it's bad for her health
Every relationship has it's challenges, but there's a slippery slope between being challenging and being downright unhealthy. While nobody is perfect, the person you date should build you up, make you laugh and overall make your life a happier place. Unfortunately, when that doesn't happen, it's easy to internalize your unhappiness with the relationship and try to hide it...but those feelings have got to come out somehow, and this can result in quite the negative impact on your health. Here are four warning signs that your relationship is bad for your health. Read more