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Aging with Exuberance

unnamedLiving with fantastic energy is my main squeeze lately… How to harness it, where to put it, most importantly who do I share my energy with. What does this have to do with aging you say? “EVERYTHING”

I live very consciously at 44 years old. What I eat is easy now being evolved as the wild little chef that I am. My personal philosophy around nutrition is that I eat food and feel my feelings! Emotions are better poured out then bottled up.

This way of thinking creates clarity for me. For what my body is craving or needing as far as sustenance on a daily basis. If I can bake it or cook it 90% of the time, then I’m happy. In saying that I started hitting the weights hard about 4 years ago. So protein is what I need the most. As well as kale smoothies to start my day. There I have seemingly found a vibrancy to my nutrition. Fluffy bread I don’t eat hardly ever. If I have dessert it’s usually in the morning. I only indulge in alcohol a couple times a week and I have a stead fast two drink maximum rule most of the time. I love coffee and my children know not to speak to me until I have had it.

My marriage ended four years ago, so meditation has become my new best friend. The calming effects on my mind and body are incredible. I look for an ease to my living more than ever, I don’t over schedule or get into relationships that take more from me than I am comfortable in giving. My divorce has been an incredible experience, opening my heart to all kinds of pain. Then a precious time of renewal as wounds mend and adults grow… well… into grown ups. Living with love in all I do…Momma, chef, human and author is what I focus on the most. I’m constantly moving, painting, creating, cooking, playing and writing, As my Crossfit trainer Brett Marshall put it, “If you’re not pushing, pulling or lifting something you are losing tenacity and muscle”. I like a strong core and it comes from all the way I live… not one.

As for skin care after 30… I think everyone should have a great skin doctor that you trust, mine is Dr.Young from Young and Wouters, fantastic bedside manner… I’ve had IPL done to remove broken blood vessels and improve my skins appearance and tone. I have used a product called Cellex-C serum for years.

Facial hair removal becomes a beast! Pay attention to it, it’s distracting! My hair is healthy but crazy and best left to air dry with leave in conditioner. Will I do Botox? NEVER! I like to look like me not some plastic puff fish gone wrong! My daughter would mock me senseless if I were to do anything intrusive like that.

I have to be honest, I think of my daughter a lot when I speak of myself and my body. My language is usually positive… well except for two days out of the month when most of us feel like hideous “cherry-pooners”! But the truth is Toria and I have a very similar body type… Strong legs, lean stomachs and good boobs (even though nursing has sucked mine down a size). I have a beautiful gratitude to the health and wellness of my body, I have to say so does my daughter.

Lastly, as a nurturer to my children my exuberance is manifested here the most. Celebrating them, but more importantly just being there in all the ways they require to be happy energizes me more than any life experience ever could. To me beauty really does come in all forms, this philosophy is gorgeously displayed in all the exceptional women in my life, from 17 to 70. I’m greatly pleased where my thoughts have landed, balanced in all the ways that I have learned from simply spending time with just me… Exuberant indeed!!!