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Why Do People Lie About Their Age Online?

people lieSeriously, why do people lie about their age online? It’s starting to become quite funny, actually.

The other day, a friend and I were just sitting around and we looked at a couple of other friends’ online dating apps.

All three guys were in their late 40s and 50s. In every single match that they had, every woman was the magical age of 49.

49? It seems like when you go to any of these online dating sites, from to OkCupid to eHarmony, every single woman is 49, and it’s just getting bizarre.

Everywhere I swipe, I see another 49-year-old woman. The other day we decided to do a test, and all of us just swiped on every single woman that was out there. When we came back, there were 17 matches each.

Do you know how many of those women were 49? 15 out of 17 were 49-years-old. What are the odds?

With odds like this I should start playing craps or blackjack.

It could be that 49 is the new 21. Whenever you see a 49-year-old woman online, you might as well just shout out, “Blackjack!”

What’s Wrong with Being Your Real Age?

It’s getting out of control, the lying online.

Out of those 15 women that said they were 49, I’d say maybe one or two were really 49. The rest of them were definitely in their 50s. Certainly, they’re not going to be younger than 49 and put 49 in there.

What’s wrong with being 53? You think lying is going to give you a better chance of meeting somebody?

But then again, I’m sure the men are lying, too. I’m sure the men who are 54 are putting 49.

I’m sure the men who are 60 are saying 52.

We all just get younger and younger online because we think it’s going to help us, but really, it actually hinders us.

It’s quite annoying when you meet somebody and the first thing they tell you is “Oh yeah, I’m like 56.”

Immediately you know that there’s something insecure in them, that they feel they can’t compete with younger women or they feel they won’t be able to meet someone if they tell the truth.

We’ve become an age-obsessed culture, so being the real age on an online dating site is something that is too intimate or wrong.

But in reality, ladies, why not just be your age? Sure, the guys might lie, but the fact is if two liars are showing up on a date, what tends to happen? You’re just wasting time.

The Real Age Test

Here’s what I suggest for everyone: put your real age for a month.

You may not have the volume you’re used to having, but that volume is just feeding your ego anyway. The fact is, it’s just validation.

Some guy is texting you. You text back and forth with him and he makes you feel really good because you’re texting back and forth with a guy, but most of the time, you don’t end up going out. It just fizzles until you find another guy who thinks you’re 49-years-old and you start texting back and forth with them. Why don’t you do this?

For the next month, put up pictures of yourself the way you look today, whether you’re 10 pounds heavier or 20 pounds heavier or 14 years older, whatever it might be. Put up real pictures of yourself. Then see what happens. You’ll get less volume, but I guarantee you’ll get more curious people because you’ll only get people who actually want to go out with you because they’ll see that your age is 52.

Or if you’re 44 and think 39 is the threshold, put 44. You’ll get a guy that actually wants to go out with you because of your real age and what you really look like today. You see, when a guy meets you for the very first time and he thinks you’re 53-years-old and you show up and look exactly like your pictures, guess what? That guy is going to be really ecstatic and really happy.

But say you’re 49, you’re 30 pounds lighter in your pictures, and you show up and you don’t look anything like your pictures and you’re 10 years older, that guy is going to be pissed off and angry. Why don’t you create good, positive vibrations when you date?

I think by doing that, you might change the outcome, instead of chasing people who are chasing the illusion of what you want to be – that 49-year-old woman again. It’s the same for women who want to be 39 or 29. Cheating age doesn’t mean you’re going to find somebody better. It just means you’re going to get a higher volume of people who will just text you endlessly and not do anything more about it.