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Age Gracefully: 3 Ways to Win at Aging

age gracefullyThree Ways To Age Gracefully

A good friend of mine went out on a date the other day with a woman.

He took one look at her and said to himself, “I can’t date her, she reminds me of an aging lizard.”

Before you get all uptight and before you think this is negative, I want you to hear me out.

I want you to realize what men are really attracted to. The things you’re doing aren’t working. I’m going to explain why.

I happen to be one of those men that likes women who are age appropriate, meaning a little oder.

I’m attracted to what they have to say. I’m attracted to all the work they’ve done on themselves internally. I get along better with somebody who has more life experience.

These three tips are going to help you from showing up as a lizard on a date.

1. Stop the Botox – Age Gracefully

If you don’t want men to think they are dating a lizard, stop the Botox. This is what Botox does: It makes your forehead look so tight, you look like Rango from the Johnny Depp movie. You have lines around your mouth, smile lines, but when you smile your eyes look like they’re going to burst out of your head.

You look like you have lizard eyes and a lizard forehead.

If you picture a gecko or a lizard, you’ll understand. A lizard has got these big eyes, a really tight forehead and lines around its mouth. That’s what Botox is doing to beautiful women everywhere.

It’s not attractive. What’s more attractive is a face with life experience, that’s full of expression. If your forehead is so tight, you look like it’s going to hurt if you make an expression.

Age gracefully. Beauty is the best when we can see exactly who you are.

2. Whatever kind of body you have, work out – Age Gracefully

Make your body the best it can be. Whether you’re curvy, a few extra pounds, skinny, whatever it might be. Go to the gym and feel good about yourself.

Men get turned on by women who take care of themselves. It’s a male fantasy, whether a man takes care of himself or not, every man wants to be with a woman who works on her body.

A body is sexy. It’s what we’re having sex with. It’s what we want to touch and feel, so just be the best you can be.

Take care of yourself. Men are attracted to women of all shapes and sizes.

Just be the best you can be.

3. Dress well and be stylish but don’t try to look like a teenager – Age Gracefully

The most attractive women dress age appropriately.

I’ve been out on dates with women in their mid 40s and they’re dressed like teenage girls. They’re wearing a tank top, jeans and sky-high heels.

They’re wearing heels that you’d see on a stripper in Las Vegas.

High heels are stylish and sexy, whether you like Chanel, Jimmy Choo or Pay Less. As long as you aren’t trying to be something you’re not.

That’s not classy.

Dress your age. Don’t dress like a teenage girl in a mall who’s snapping her gum, or like you’re about to get on a stripper pole in Las Vegas. There’s nothing less sexy than that.

Less is more when it comes to skin. Leave something for his imagination.

All these things you’re doing, we want to see you.

There is nothing sexier to me than a beautiful woman who ages gracefully.

I remember a long time ago I met a woman who was 65 years old. She still rocked it in a bikini, her hair was silver grey and her face was never touched. She was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

I could see through the years how beautiful she was every step of the way. And what made her most beautiful is that she wasn’t trying to stop the clock. She wasn’t trying to look like Joan Rivers.

She was aging beautifully and gracefully.

That’s the beauty of a woman.