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Age Gracefully: 3 Ways to Win at Aging

Three Ways To Age Gracefully A good friend of mine went out on a date the other day with a woman. He took one look at her and said to himself, “I can't date her, she reminds me of an aging lizard.” Before you get all uptight and before you think this is negative, I want you to hear me out. Read more

You no longer have to pick between your fanny or your face

Woman looks at her face in the mirror
Famous French actress, Catherine Deneuve, has been quoted as saying “After a certain age, you have to choose between your fanny or your face.” What she is saying is something that we in the aesthetic field witness on a daily basis. As we age, the fat compartments in our face naturally begin to atrophy. Maintaining a low BMI can look great for our bodies, but it exacerbates the aging of our faces. With significant weight loss, the face is usually the first place that it shows. Read more

Body Shock: I Feel Ugly And Unsexy

Woman feels ugly on the outside
Do you secretly hate the way you look? Do you look in the mirror and despise the woman looking back at you? Do you believe men don’t find you attractive? So many women struggle with self-image problems it’s untrue. I hear it all the time, and it really makes me sad. I don’t care whether you’re overweight, whether you’re short, whether you’re breasts hang by your knees, whatever, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Read more