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Overcome Your Body Issues

I don't know if I've spoken much about it, but one of my biggest passions is health and nutrition. I'm probably as passionate about that, as I am about coaching you to find love. It started when I was a young guy. I used to be seriously skinny, and my Mom used to nickname me her, "Long drink of water." Read more

Aging with Exuberance

Living with fantastic energy is my main squeeze lately… How to harness it, where to put it, most importantly who do I share my energy with. What does this have to do with aging you say? "EVERYTHING" Read more

How To Have Sex When You Don’t Feel Great About Your Body

Oh, honey. I feel you. I really, really do. I think most women and probably a good chunk of men have felt the pain you’re in. Whether you’re dealing with a post-partum body, a few extra pounds, boobs you don’t think are big enough, thigh you don’t think are small enough or just a general “society is forcing me to hate myself so I do” crummy-ness, it can make getting intimate and feeling sexy seem very, very unappealing. But, no matter the shape or size of your body or how you feel about the thing, I know one thing about your body…it wants sex. It’s a natural thing that every body wants. So, don’t deprive it of this very basic necessity. Here’s how you can have sex when you’re not in love with your body. Read more