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Why you should never get drunk on first dates

It’s no secret that I run a tight ship with my company. And I don’t just mean with my employees. I’m really strict with my clients, too. I have a lot of rules my clients have to agree to follow if they want to work with me. And one of the rules I get the most pushback on is my two drinks or fewer first date rule. I especially get resistance on this one from women. But, I never budge because getting drunk on first dates is such a no no in my books. Here’s why. Read more

A Key Tool For First Date Success

A hugely important aspect of my job as matchmaker is to coach my clients on their dating techniques so that they are set up for ultimate dating success! I have a whole arsenal of tips that I give to clients, but lately I have been insisting that all of the singles that I match do something a little out of the box. Read more

3 Reasons Why Lunch is The Perfect First Date

The other day, a client called me up and said, “I just don't get women.” He met this woman at a supermarket. It was obvious they were both interested. They exchanged numbers and he promised to call her the following day. It was a typical phone call. An awkward 15 minutes, not knowing each other well enough to steer the conversation. They agreed on lunch the following week. She wasn’t sure of her schedule so he said he’d text her and she could pick the date. Read more

3 Things to Remember on Your First Date

From nervous jitters to butterflies in your stomach, it's not unusual to experience a multitude of emotions at once when going on a first date. Going out on a date for the first time shouldn't be a stressful event but rather an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Remember, it takes time to get to know a person well so try not to take your first time dating too seriously. Being yourself and being engagingly mindful can enhance your dating experience all that much more. Read more

One place he should never take you on a first date any why

I try to stay very open-minded when it comes to what men plan for first dates. I mean, the poor guys are under a lot of pressure. They have to do the planning, the prep and the paying. And it’s especially tough to plan something creative when you barely know the other person, which is normally the case on a first date. However, I don’t care how much pressure the guy is under, I still think there’s one spot that a man should never take you on a first date—his home. Here’s why. Read more