Why you should never get drunk on first dates

It’s no secret that I run a tight ship with my company. And I don’t just mean with my employees. I’m really strict with my clients, too. I have a lot of rules my clients have to agree to follow if they want to work with me. And one of the rules I get the most pushback on is my two drinks or fewer first date rule. I especially get resistance on this one from women. But, I never budge because getting drunk on first dates is such a no no in my books. Here’s why.

This is important

Who you pick to be your partner for the rest of you life is one of the most, if not the most, important decision you’ll ever make. So make it carefully…and that means with a clear, sober head. When I tell my clients this, they’ll say that they’re not making a lifetime decision on date one, but I’d argue that your first date is the first part of that big decision. And this is so important, why would you want to be drunk for any of it? You wouldn’t make a choice about what house to buy wasted, or even go to a first viewing wasted, right? And buying a house is much less important in terms of life impact than picking a mate. Treat your decision on your future partner with the respect it deserves and don’t get drunk during the process.

You need to be discerning

Being drunk feels so good because you don’t sweat the small stuff. You let down your guard and let it roll. And that’s fine for a night of dancing with your friends, but this is a first date. You want to sweat the small stuff! You need to be looking for small hints to your compatibility with this person, little signs that the person sitting across from you is capable of being a good partner and small intangibles that will make you fall in love with your date. When you’re drunk, you gloss over these small things and might overlook red flags or miss what’s great about your date. You’ve got to keep your senses sharp.

They want to meet you

Drunk you isn’t you. And anyone who says they’re more themselves when they’re drunk needs to see a counselor because that’s a sign of a drinking problem. You’re most yourself when you’re sober. This person came on this date to meet you and see if you’re a fit for their needs and life. So, give them what they came for and present your truest self, not a dulled down drunk version.

I hope that convinces you, and all of my future clients, to not get drunk on first dates. If you do, you’re doing yourself a total disservice. Why even date at all if you’re not going to do it right?