The Adventures of Cupid in Boystown

Is Bad Sex ruining your relationship?

There are many things in life that make me uncomfortable.

Things like knowing someone at your dinner table under-tips, seeing more than three Bachelorette Parties in the same club or catching a person picking their nose in traffic…aggressively.

man frustrated by bad sex

But nothing makes me more uncomfortable in life than having to end a relationship because the sex is bad.

Lets face it folks, we live in a world filled with hypersexual, over stimulated human beings. Everything from 50 Shades Of Grey to The Old Spice Man just scream, “SEXUAL INDEPENDENCE!”

The words masturbate, porn and bondage no longer make us want to bathe in Holy Water, they beg us to take control of our sexual destiny and enjoy the many splendors of a healthy bedroom life.

But with all this newfound sexual independence, why are we still not willing to take drastic action when it comes to discovering bad sex in a relationship?

When it comes to sex, are we willing to forgo true pleasure in order to please the heart?

The answer is yes, but it should be NO!

As a gay man, I openly admit that sexual stimulation in a relationship ranks number one on my list when I first date someone. If I don’t instantly fantasize about said date throwing me up against a wall and making out with me, I will start to get bored.

The same goes with the bedroom fantasy, it needs to be good.

Time and time again I find myself in conversations with friends who are in a relationship with someone who is beyond sexual repair.

“I love him, so I deal with it,” one would say. “I just rely on my sex toys,” another has said.

What is happening?!

Now, I’m not telling everyone out there to have sex until you are completely 100% satisfied, but I am telling you that your happiness in sex is just as important.

If the sex is not good after the first two or three tries- you must politely excuse yourself from the dinner table and go wash your hands.

When it comes to sex, are we willing to forgo true pleasure in order to please the heart?

You are done eating.

Oh, but then there is the matters of the heart you say.

Well, picture this: Three years have past and you are still sexually frustrated.

Enter a Single Hot Man who finds you smoking attractive. He starts giving you the attention that you have been craving and BAM, you’re having an affair and filing for divorce.

  1. How did you let it get this far?
  2. Why didn’t you end this before it got more serious?
  3. And most importantly, why didn’t you just demand for what you wanted?

Breaking up with someone because of bad sex is a legitimate (yet awkward) reason to end your time together.

Maybe there is someone out there that is okay with bad sex. Maybe another bad sex bottom for a bad sex top.

That’s great, but this is not you.

You are a sexual being that wants a handyman, a gentleman and an orgasm MAN!

Yes he can clean out pipes, yes he can blindfold you and yes he can treat you with respect and sexual admiration.

So don’t be afraid, say no to bad sex. Take a pledge of sobriety from bad sexual partners until you find someone that can feed you a mouthful at dinner and still leave you coming back for more!

Till next Blog,


David (aka Cupid)