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How Do I Get Him To Like Me?


“David, how do I get him to like me?”

I can’t tell you how many times women email this question, and it breaks my heart. You meet a guy. You think he’s great. He has the best resume you’ve seen in a while. He’s good looking, he has a good job, and he’s caring, but no matter what you do, you feel you can’t get him to like you.

Listen to the original question again…

“How do I get a man to like me?”

Do you realize how weak that question is? What’s wrong with you? Do you really need to get someone to like you? Are you not likeable the way you are? Aren’t you an amazing, beautiful woman?

Do you not deserve love? Do you need to change your personality completely to get a man to desire you?

You will NEVER find love until you learn to love and accept yourself.

By asking what you need to do to attract men, you’re telling yourself you’re not worthy of someone. You’re planting the seed in your mind you’re not good enough as you are. You’re actually making yourself unattractive to men with your weak attitude.

I’ve said it so many times, but you will NEVER find love until you learn to love and accept yourself. Until you start to believe you’re an attractive, intelligent, sexy woman, you’re never going to attract a man. Forget trying to be something to all men. No one thing you can do is guaranteed to have guys falling over themselves to meet you.

Do you want to know how to attract men?

How about you treat him really well? How about you treat a man the way you’d like to be treated?

You need to be open. You need to talk. You need to support his needs, wants, and desires. You need to show you’re interested in him. You need to…BE YOURSELF!

There’s nothing wrong with trying to become the best version of yourself possible, but don’t try to change your personality to suit others. You need to be authentic and real. When you live life with an open-heart people will naturally like and love you. If you worry about doing something special to attract a guy, you’re going to put on a completely different persona, and it will turn people off.

Imagine trying to spend your whole life pretending to be someone you’re not. Take time out for YOU. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to something nice now and then. And don’t take yourself too seriously. Just be the wonderful, incredible woman you are, and you’ll be amazed how many men start to pay attention to you.

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