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Match Style: What Style Matchmaker Would You Be?

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Matchmaker or working in the Love Biz, I say—go for it! The world is full of singles looking for love, and if you are someone who has it in your heart to help bring them together, then follow that dream to the fullest.

I have coached hundreds of matchmakers at the Matchmaking Institute, and the first step I always take when working with them is to pinpoint each individual’s personal style. By helping a matchmaker look at their strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits, we are able to work together to discover what style matchmaker they would be most successful as.

Yes—there are different styles of matchmaking! Just like a doctor, accountant, or personal trainer has a specialty or preferred method, every matchmaker has a match style. A matchmaker’s specific style is what sets them apart from other matchmakers, and makes them appealing to a specific set of clientele.

The beauty of entering into the matchmaking profession is that no matter what your personality or method of matching is, there will be singles out there looking for qualities in a matchmaker that you possess.

Sounds interesting but wondering where you might fit in? Here is a breakdown of the four main match styles

  1. Nurturing:

    Are you the type of person who is a great listener, ki

    matchmakers-stylend, caring, and encouraging to others around you? Nurturing matchmakers love to help a client each step of the way, from the first getting-to-know-you meeting, to every dating

    feedback conference you have. They provide kindly phrased, helpful advice to make it easier for a client to open up and feel cared for throughout the dating process. They are the hand-holder, the cheerleader, and the confidant. If this were an episode of Sex and the City, think Charlotte: she’s always a cheerleader for love!

  2. Direct:

    Are you a “let’s get this done” type of person?  Do you like to know exactly what is on the table, make quick decisions, and appreciate working efficiently?  If so, this matchmaking style is for you. Clients that work with direct matchmakers appreciate someone who doesn’t adorn the facts, presents information in a timely, honest manner, and seems to know immediately who to set them

    up with.

    There is no wasted time with fluff, or beating around the bush here! Patti is a great example of a direct matchmaker. She will tell you like it is, and is not shy to cut straight to the point. Patti wants her clients to put their best foot forward, and demands attention to detail. She knows that her clients are bu

    sy, and works efficiently to get the job done and done well.

  3. Go-getter:

    Do you approach your work with energy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail?  A go-getter style matchmaker gets right down to business when it comes to working with a client. Although they bring plenty of energy to the table, a go-getter does not rush the process, taking time to check in with clients daily and constantly examine new candidates.

    They have the uncanny ability to recruit exactly what a client wants during a simple walk home from the grocery store. They offer their clients detaile

    d advice on how best to proceed, and expect them to be proactive in return. This driven style makes them an efficient and effective matchmaker. Nothing gets in their way! Hillary Clinton is a great example of someone who utilizes the go-getter approach with her career.

  4. Holistic:

    Do you often give friends advice, and act as the confidant in yo

    ur social circle? If you value taking ample time getting to know someone, and have a knack for understanding people as a whole, than this approach is where you would fit best.

    A holistic matchmaker listens to their clients and takes them in fully. They want to know about their client’s work and home life, their friends, spirituality, personal values, and style. They then are able to formulate a clear picture of who a client is from all the information they have gathered. A holist

    ic matchmaker takes things slow, and does not rush the process. They make great coaches during and after the dating process begins. Oprah Winfrey’s warmth, curiosity, and listening skills, are a great example of a holistic personality style.

If you read through the four main styles and find that your personality is a bit of a mix, not to worry! Just like some might look at the Sex and the City gals and think of themselves as more of a Charlotte-Samantha, or a Miranda-Carrie mix, there can be overlaps between the categories for many matchmakers as well.

The beauty of entering into the matchmaking profession is that no matter what your personality or method of matching is, there will be singles out there looking for qualities in a matchmaker that you possess.

I for example am nurturing but direct in my matchmaking style. I offer a judgment-free zone and am supportive and encouraging. I am also very honest and direct in letting clients know what they need to do to get what they want, and what about their current approach may be keeping them from getting it.

Whichever style your personality falls into there is a place for you in the matchmaking industry. If you are interested in becoming a matchmaker, and want to attend the October Live Matchmaker Training at the Matchmaking Institute please visit our website to learn more.

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