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3 Things I Loved Most About Our LA Matchmaker Training

GROUPPHOTOAfter a few spectacular days in Los Angeles for Matchmaking Institute’s most recent matchmaker training, I am back in NYC reflecting on all the things I loved most about this special live event. Of course, I loved just being out on the West Coast, visiting some of the places I haven’t been since decades ago when I lived there. It was also amazing to reconnect with my colleagues who are truly industry thought leaders and to meet the new, aspiring matchmakers who are passionate about making a difference in the field. There’s lots to love when you work in the love industry, but if I was forced to pick the top three things I most appreciated, they would be as follows.

1. Going to the training was like going to a buffet where there is plenty of food–for thought.

At this training, attendees benefited from being able to consider the diverse perspectives of love industry experts, Patti Stanger, Julie Ferman, Marni Battista, and myself. Whether a matchmaker is just starting out or is seasoned, it is important to be open to different views on how to successfully run a matchmaking business and make truly good matches for clients. I loved how our students were able to hear from professionals with different styles, as different styles resonate with different people. The greatest thing is to be exposed to it all and then pick and choose the pieces that work for you. We all have our own style and own brands that are unique to only us. It is key, if you are going to be an expert, don’t imitate but make it your own!

2. The chance to re(learn) that people really do connect through pain.

In her presentation, Dating With Dignity Coach, Marni Battista, introduced her concept of the zero-to-hero-story. She showed her audience the ways in which brands and businesses engage people by sharing their zero-to-hero-stories, which are essentially just tales of how they turned their struggle to success. After all, who doesn’t root for the underdog? Later on that day, Patti Stanger, unknowingly shared her personal zero-to-hero-story that launched her career in matchmaking. It was awesome to have a public figure like Patti be so real and open with our students. Patti’s experience was truly an inspiration to all!

3. Transformation happened right before our eyes!

I can’t tell you how rewarding it was to see the growth that occurred in just a few days of training. Our matchmakers came into the program nervous and insecure. They were uncertain if they had what it takes to make it as a matchmaker, if their business ideas were strong enough, or if their business names were silly. The established matchmakers wanted to understand how they could improve their business and felt stuck. After being on “the hotseat” and getting lots of valuable feedback from marketing ideas and matching clients to sales strategies and new business names, they emerged strong and confident. They networked with others in the field and left feeling excited to get started on their new business or recreate their old business to achieve more success.

These live trainings really inspire me and make me feel alive, like we are truly helping to spread the love and change the world!