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Dear Future Lover…

Be available. How many of you have written letters to your future lover? How many of you have written to your future partner? How many of you have written letters to your future wife or your future husband? Sounds kind of corny in a way to most of you, right? But if you don't write a letter to your future lover or your future partner, how are they ever going to energetically receive it? I was sitting at lunch today with my friend, Brad. Read more

Why Dating A Married Man Is Romance Ghetto

How many of you have dated married men? I hear this all the time. “I've waited four years for him to leave his wife.” “I know he's going to leave his wife soon, he promises.” Some men even put up their lover in an apartment so they can have it when they want. But listen. You are never, ever, allowed to date a married man ever again. And I want to tell you why. First off, you are going into a triangle. A triangle of doom. Read more

Why Men Watch Porn

Here’s something I'd say to just about every single man I’ve coached in my 20 years of coaching. With every single one of them, I have this conversation, and I’ve had it so many times I'm almost blue in the face. Do you watch porn? How often do you masturbate? And you're going to go on porn detox. Read more

How, Why, And What To Text A Man

I want every woman to read this and every man to shake their head and go oh, man, I can't believe he’s going there. Look, I know the majority of women out there would prefer a phone call over a text, to be able to hear somebody's voice, to be able to hear the sound of the voice and be able to connect to the voice. But texting is kind of here to stay for the time being, and just wait until virtual reality. Then texting is gone. Read more

Is Self-Love Going Too Far?

Everywhere you look now, it's all about self-love. Care for yourself. Be mindful. Embrace and love your inner child. Forgive your parents for the stories that they have given you that have made you live your life in a way that was not uniquely yours. Look in the mirror and embrace your flaws, and tell yourself how amazing and beautiful you are. Read more

Screw Childhood: Adulthood is Where It’s At

My daughter slept in this morning. She woke up at 9:15. That's because we were up until 9:30 playing a karaoke game. We were doing those short, 15-second, karaoke-like videos over and over again and laughing. We were almost crying, we were laughing so hard. Childhood rocks. My daughter woke up this morning and she had a smile on her face, she was happy as can be, she wanted to go back and create some more videos, have some fun. She told me how good she slept. I'd been up for three hours. Read more