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Three Reasons Why People Are Bitter About Love

After 20 years of coaching, there seems to be a theme that is running rampant.

People are bitter about love.

One of the biggest reasons is obvious, but the other two are things that you can actually control and work on.

So I’m going to list all 3, but also tell you how you can work on the things you have the power to work on.

#1: They Had a Bad Experience

The number one reason why people are bitter about love is that they had an experience that changed the beautiful way they once looked at love.

They ran into somebody who ran over them like a truck.

They got a divorce.

They had a bad breakup.

Somebody cheated on them and broke all the trust and all the faith that they had.

They had an ex-husband who was abusive mentally or emotionally.

I can list the specific reasons, but in reality it all comes down to how they’ve dealt with somebody who had low integrity, somebody who didn’t think about anyone else but himself.

#2: They Are a Victim

Now, this is something that you can control.

You see, you can’t change the past and what you went through.

But you can change your attitude. And you must change your attitude.

Stop being a victim.

In my entire life, I have dated some pretty amazing women.

Yet, I had only one or two experiences with someone who was extremely low vibrational, who only thought of themselves, who only looked after their own benefit.

Only a handful of people in a lifetime of dating.

And my viewpoint on those people is still positive. They actually gave me a great lesson, no matter how painful and how annoying it was or continues to be.

So, I am not a victim at all. I do not have the victim mentality, because when you have the victim mentality, you can only remain bitter about love.

What happens is that you attract other victims, because misery loves company.

#3: You Never Got Help

Talking to your friends is wonderful.

I think it’s fantastic.

Your friends are always there to support you and honor you, watch your back and listen to you.

But, help really comes when you reach for an expert.

Somebody who really, truly knows what healing is all about, somebody who can give you a non biased game plan so you’re able to heal properly. Somebody who will call you out and literally look at your life patterns and show you how all of this was a blessing.

Yet, most people don’t do that.

Most people are so cheap with their emotional souls.

People are so cheap with their emotional soul and they just don’t want to pay for therapy or coaching.

But, if you’re not investing in your emotional soul, your soul will go on to lead a broken life.

And when you lead a broken life, how can you truly recover and find love again?