Why every single girl needs to host a Halloween party

halloweenpartyHalloween is right around the corner and I have my costume all prepped. Let’s just say that sexy doesn’t even begin to describe it! I love taking advantage of this spooky holiday to dress a little more daring that I normally would. And if you’re single and not getting a costume, sexy or otherwise, because you have nowhere to go for Halloween, I say create that somewhere to go yourself. That’s right, throw your own Halloween party! And yeah, I know it’s a little last minute. But I still say go for it because it’ll do your love life so much good. Here’s why it’s a great idea.

You’re putting yourself out there

I know throwing a party probably isn’t in your comfort zone, but that’s why I think it’s the perfect thing to do. You could be stressed about no one coming. Or maybe you have no idea how to warm up cocktail weenies. That kind of worry can be a good thing. It means you’re trying something new. And there’s some magic that happens when you step out of the same old, same old boring stuff that you’re used to and put yourself out there. It makes big things, like meeting Mr. Right, more possible than if you just did your normal routine. So, take a break from the boring and throw a party!

You’ll meet new people

Here’s the thing about Halloween parties…people are always looking for a good one to go to. So, friends will invite friends and strangers will tag along to this event. That’s a great thing for you! That means you get to meet new people. And new people are the key to dating success when you’re single. Throwing your own party means you’ll be meeting way more newbies than if you were home alone watching I Know What You Did Last Summer. So, go for it!

You’ll see old people

A party is a great way to reunite with friends you’ve lost touch with or include acquaintances you’re not quite close enough with to do one-on-one events. Who knows? Your next special someone could be someone you already know. People from your past could also have great set up candidates. A party is a fantastic way to connect and revive those connections.

It’s fun

Parties are fun! And fun leads to happiness. I truly believe that you attract the best people into your life when you’re at your happiest. So, work on getting really happy. I don’t think you’re going to be at your happiest if you miss a fantastic opportunity to have a ton of fun.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Please comment below and let me know what you’re dressing up as this year. And if you’re hosting a party, shout it out below, too! I want to know!