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How to meet a man on Halloween

Believe it or not, Halloween is a fantastic holiday for meeting men. Everyone’s out and about and social. Plus, it’s so easy to strike up conversations. And you’ll automatically know what men are taken based on coupley costumes. No guessing or getting burned after an evening of flirting! If you’re a single lady on the prowl for a good man, this holiday is for you. Here’s how to increase your chances of meeting a solid man on Halloween. Read more

7 Halloween date ideas fit for a millionaire

Am I crazy for thinking Halloween can be such a romantic holiday? To be fair, I’m a total romantic, so I think anything and everything can be romantic. But, to me, Halloween is just so much fun when you’re in a couple. It’s autumn and involves dressing up and eating treats and playing around. Those are all elements for a great date, in my mind. And when you’re a millionaire, or dating a millionaire, your Halloween-themed date night can be elevated, which makes it even more fun! So, here are seven date ideas Read more

Why I’m over couples costumes for Halloween

couples costumes
Halloween is just around the corner and for those of you who don’t leave your costume planning to October 30th like I sometimes do, it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. This year, I’ve decided that I’m completely over the trend of couples costumes. I know that’s surprising coming from America’s biggest fan of love and relationships (or at least, America’s self-declared biggest fan of love and relationships... if you know any challengers, let me know!), but hear me out. Here’s why. Read more

3 Reasons you should definitely dress sexy for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. So, cue the slut-o-ween jokes! Come on, bring ‘em on! Actually, record scratch all that. I’m not into slut-o-ween jokes. Why would anyone ever make fun of a woman for having fun, showing off her body and being confident? I say if you want to flaunt it, go for it! Eff the haters! And I also think you should push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone in terms of sexiness on Halloween. Here’s why. Read more

Why every single girl needs to host a Halloween party

Halloween is right around the corner and I have my costume all prepped. Let’s just say that sexy doesn’t even begin to describe it! I love taking advantage of this spooky holiday to dress a little more daring that I normally would. And if you’re single and not getting a costume, sexy or otherwise, because you have nowhere to go for Halloween, I say create that somewhere to go yourself. That’s right, throw your own Halloween party! And yeah, I know it’s a little last minute. But I still say go for it because it’ll do your love life so much good. Here’s why it’s a great idea. Read more