How to meet a man on Halloween

Believe it or not, Halloween is a fantastic holiday for meeting men. Everyone’s out and about and social. Plus, it’s so easy to strike up conversations. And you’ll automatically know what men are taken based on coupley costumes. No guessing or getting burned after an evening of flirting! If you’re a single lady on the prowl for a good man, this holiday is for you. Here’s how to increase your chances of meeting a solid man on Halloween.

Go out all weekend

Halloween isn’t just one night any more. It’s a full weekend of activities leading up to October 31st and sometimes more. You need to take advantage of every single second of it. Go out every night of the weekend before Halloween and of course on Halloween too. Attend every Halloween party you’re invited to. That being said, you should be choosey about certain things. In Los Angeles where I live, Halloween has a big gay pride element to it. I totally love that! But, avoid gay-focused Halloween events if you’re looking to land a hetero dude, girl. Pride costume events are always a ball, but they’re just not where a straight girl should spend her time if she’s looking for a new boo thang.

Pick a conversation starter

Costume selection is key for meeting men on Halloween. You want to pick something that’s not boring and no obvious, so men will feel comfortable coming up to you and asking what you are. For example, if you’re in a full witch costume, no one’s going to start a conversation about your outfit because, duh, you’re a witch! But, if you’re something more clever, like Kevin Bacon (dress like a strip of bacon with a nametag that says “Kevin”) or like an InstaStory filter, you’re more likely to get conversations going. That opening line is often the hardest thing for dudes to come up with. So, help them out and pick a good costume that does the heavy conversation lifting for them.

Dress to feel confident

Halloween is notorious for being a night where people bare it all and dress as scantily as possible. And that’s totally cool by me, if you feel great dressing like that. But, don’t feel pressure to dress proactively if that’s not how you feel best. I was once at a Halloween party and a woman was in a very tiny black cat costume. Even though she looked wonderful, she wound up hiding behind her jacket all night because she was so uncomfortable showing that much skin. If you’re not feeling confident, you’re never going to seem approachable to a man. So, dress sexy if you want or cover up if you want. My only rule is to step out into Halloween night feeling as good about your outfit as possible.

Drink conservatively

You can’t make meaningful connections with anyone if you’re black out drunk. And you won’t be putting your best foot forward if you’re totally wasted. Even though it’s pretty common to over drink on Halloween, stick to my first date rule of two drinks and no more and you’ll be golden. Plus, those Halloween punches are often way stronger than you think. Two cups of that stuff will be more than enough.

Play the odds

Meet as many people as possible. Party weekends like Halloween aren’t for having deep connections then and there. They’re more like casting calls. You’re auditioning men for the part of your boyfriend and you want to meet as many as possible over the course of the holiday festivities. Then, you’ll call back the ones with potential and go on a few dates and eventually, you’ll cast the perfect guy to be your new man. Don’t get too invested in one guy over the course of the weekend. Take advantage of this hyper-social time and meet as many men as possible. The right ones will get in touch after the weekend is over.

Wishing all my single girls a spooky and romantic Halloween this year! Who knows? Next year you might be celebrating your first year anniversary with someone you meet Halloween weekend.