7 Halloween date ideas fit for a millionaire

Am I crazy for thinking Halloween can be such a romantic holiday? To be fair, I’m a total romantic, so I think anything and everything can be romantic. But, to me, Halloween is just so much fun when you’re in a couple. It’s autumn and involves dressing up and eating treats and playing around. Those are all elements for a great date, in my mind. And when you’re a millionaire, or dating a millionaire, your Halloween-themed date night can be elevated, which makes it even more fun! So, here are seven date ideas fit for a millionaire. Use them as they are or let them inspire a Halloween date you tailor to your budget.

Autumn tastings

All high-end restaurants let seasonal ingredients influence their menu, at least on some level. Take advantage of this and call up your favorite special occasion place. Ask them what their autumnal menu is like or if they have something themed for Halloween. You two could go out to dinner and enjoy the fall inspired food or set up a special meal in a private room where the chef caters to your favorite fall flavors.

Costume shopping

The long standing joke about Halloween costumes is that they’re always skimpy. Halloween has become a free card to dress as provocatively as possible. Why not lean into that and take your boo costume shopping? You can each try on sexy outfits and model them for each other for some dressing room foreplay. Buy the ones you’re most turned on by and…I’ll let you take it from there.

Psychic reading

I love a psychic reading and getting one done around Halloween always feels special. Do your research when you look for a psychic and preferably go to someone who’s been personally referred to you. While good psychics are quite pricey, I’ve always found that they’re worth it.

Deluxe dessert making

Buy top-notch ingredients and create a make your own Halloween treat evening. I’d personally recommend going for caramel apples because they’re quick and easy to make feel high end with fancy toppings. If you two aren’t do-it-yourselfers, hire a private chef to come teach you how make your favorite fall dessert.

Haunted tour

There’s something so delightfully campy about getting scared and jumping into your lover’s arms, which is why I love haunted tours. These can range for totally cheesy to very historically accurate. Find some options in your area and see which of them will offer a private tour for you and your boo!


How does a campfire and s’mores sound? How does staying in five-star style sound? Put those two things together and you have glamping. Spend a night in nature and in luxury by booking a night or two of glamping. You’ll get to snuggle by a bonfire with your millionaire, tell ghost stories, take in the changing leaves and enjoy all the amenities of a typical resort.

Spooky role-play

Even the best sex lives need a little jolt. So, put a little pep in your relationship step by surprising your boo with a sexy costume you had custom made and an accompanying sexy character you play. You could be a witch who casts a spell on your boo or a black cat that needs to be petted just so. You could also make up your own ideas! Surprise your boo when they walk in the door and the rest of your night should be taken care of!

Happy Halloweening, everyone! I hope the night is spooky and romantic for all of you!