Why I’m over couples costumes for Halloween

couples costumesHalloween is just around the corner and for those of you who don’t leave your costume planning to October 30th like I sometimes do, it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. This year, I’ve decided that I’m completely over the trend of couples costumes. I know that’s surprising coming from America’s biggest fan of love and relationships (or at least, America’s self-declared biggest fan of love and relationships… if you know any challengers, let me know!), but hear me out. Here’s why.

Not about romance

Halloween is a holiday that’s decidedly not about your romance. It’s just not the right time to put your relationship first. You should be focused on showing your creativity, or your sense of humor or just a lot of skin on Halloween night, not your shared unconditional love. I’m not sure how Halloween turned into a coupley thing at all. Imagine showing up to another event dressed as a duo with your man, like someone else’s wedding or a Christmas party. No bueno. It’s weird. So, get into the holiday and do it right!

The planning

I also think the planning of a couples costume can take the fun out of the night and lead to a lot of unnecessary logistic work and stress for a couple. There’s always one person in the couple who’s less into the idea and one who’s very into it. The work isn’t even and one person feels unappreciated and one feels like they’re sacrificing just by going along with the idea. Each person in the couple should do Halloween how they want. Don’t pressure him into an elaborate political statement costume if he just wants to put on a suit and a Superman t-shirt and say he’s Clark Kent transitioning into Superman. And if you’re in the mood to be a low-pressure cowgirl, don’t feel like the two of you need to dress up in felt body suits with face cutouts to be salt and pepper. Do your Halloween costume how you want to do it! One of the few things you shouldn’t have to compromise on when you’re in a relationship.

Party spirit

A couples costume takes you out of the Halloween party spirit. You aren’t there with the rest of the group. You’re there with him first and the group second. You two can’t split up all night or else your costume won’t make sense. And if you do wind up alone for a moment, the first question about your costume will send you off searching for him or at least talking about him. A couples costume may start out really fun, but it winds up zapping some of the fun out of the night.

Go your own way on Halloween and just say no to couples costumes. I’m starting a movement! Will you join me?