3 Reasons you should definitely dress sexy for Halloween

halloweensexyHalloween is right around the corner. So, cue the slut-o-ween jokes! Come on, bring ‘em on! Actually, record scratch all that. I’m not into slut-o-ween jokes. Why would anyone ever make fun of a woman for having fun, showing off her body and being confident? I say if you want to flaunt it, go for it! Eff the haters! And I also think you should push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone in terms of sexiness on Halloween. Here’s why.

It’s the time to do it

Like I said, show whatever you want to show, girl! Of course, there is a time and a place for sexiness. I’m normally consulting people on how to dress for dates. So, yeah, that’s the perfect time to show off the aspects of your body that you’re proud of. But, even then, there’s a limit. You want to leave something to the imagination! However, on Halloween, the sky’s the limit. Let your freak flag fly! Halloween really is the time to experiment with new clothing or makeup you’re not sure you can pull off in the real world. I say try it all out on October 31st. Maybe your costume will boost your confidence and you’ll be able to pull off more daring and sexy looks the other 364 days a year!

You’ll have more options

Sexy Halloween costumes get a bad rap because people think they’re lazy. But guess what? We’re not all Martha Stewart! I don’t know about you, but I don’t start sewing my Halloween costume by hand in July! I normally throw something together last minute. And yeah, sexy Halloween costumes are the easiest. Start with a leotard or a bra and panties and then just add little accessories like a tail for a sexy cat, a crown for a sexy queen or a pair of wings for a sexy fairy. You already have the basics for a sexy costume, embrace the laziest way to get into the holiday spirit!

sexyforhalloweenYou look good

Are you a woman with a body? Then your body’s beautiful! We spend way too much time getting told what’s wrong with our body and how to cover up our flaws. I say eff that! Show off that glorious body of yours because you look damn good when you do! And being a beautiful woman is totally reason enough to dress sexy on Halloween!

Get down with your sexy selves this Halloween! I love you guys and want to see pictures of you being sexy as hell! Tweet them at me!