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To my sexy singles: Where you can meet men this season

Well, hello there, my sexy singles! Are you looking for a man to keep you warm this winter? Of course you are. But guess what? You’re not going to find him under a blanket on your couch. Nope, you need to get up, throw off those flannel pajamas (I know, they’re super comfy) and get out to some places where you can meet men. And here are where they’re hiding. Read more

Stop sweating! You can survive the holidays still single

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... if you’re in a couple! I know, the holidays can be rough when you’re single. I’ve been there. Many times. One year I was so bummed, I binge ate enough Ben & Jerry’s that I was pretty sure kids were going to start thinking I was Santa! But guess what? I made it through that holiday season and so many more. Single girl, you can survive the holidays too. Here’s how. Read more

How to turn a fling into long-term romance

You met a guy and took him home and, well, you know... one thing led to another. No biggie. It’s just a fling. Every single woman needs to let loose once in a while, and if it comes from a fling or a one-time thing, that's your choice. But if you’re starting to think this fling could be the real thing, that’s when it starts to get sticky. It’s a tough transition from a fling to a long-term romance because you led with sex, but it can happen. Here are my tips. Read more

Ever wonder why you can’t find a love that lasts?

Did you ever think that maybe you decided before you reincarnated on earth that you chose to put a lot of appointments in your little black book to hook up with various people on purpose? Some of us are not like others when comes to relationships. You may be that guy or girl whose has a lot of dates, mates or even marriages but seem to be unlucky in love. That's not true -- As a believer of reincarnation there's another reason. It doesn't mean you can't stick with one or that you're a failure in love. It just may mean that you decided before you got here that you wanted to get rid of the karma, in some cases drama, quickly all in one life. Once we get through the cause and effect of karma in past relationships and learn the universe's lesson, it dissipates not to haunt us again. In English that means, next! Read more

How to find love when it’s not finding you

I just finished reading Rebooting in Beverly Hills by Marcy Miller. 40 plus singles, get a copy now! I mean that. It's a funny and honest look at dating later in life, something I can surely relate to. Reading the book got me thinking about how love is like a big game of hide and seek. But in this dating version of hide and seek, it can feel like you’re doing all of the seeking and no one's ever seeking you. Not to spoil the ending, but Marcy found love in her quest and very rarely got discouraged, even when it seemed like she was playing that unfair version of hide and seek. Her attitude toward dating impressed me so much, I thought I'd throw together a Rebooting in Beverly Hills-inspired list of ways to find love when it feels like it's not looking for you. Read more

How to stay motivated when it comes to dating

No one lists "dating" as a hobby. Dinners with boring strangers and uncomfortable forced hugs are not anyone's idea of a good time. I'm not the first one to say it, but dating sucks when it’s not going well. And dates don't go well most of the time. It's understandable that a lot of single gals have trouble staying motivated when it comes to dating.  It's not easy to constantly put yourself out there time and time again to have the date end in a prayer, and then he loses your number. But stay motivated if you want to find Prince Charming. Read more