Ever wonder why you can’t find a love that lasts?

Did you ever think that maybe you decided before you reincarnated on earth that you chose to put a lot of appointments in your little black book to hook up with various people on purpose? Some of us are not like others when comes to relationships. You may be that guy or girl whose has a lot of dates, mates or even marriages but seem to be unlucky in love.

That’s not true — As a believer of reincarnation there’s another reason. It doesn’t mean you can’t stick with one or that you’re a failure in love. It just may mean that you decided before you got here that you wanted to get rid of the karma, in some cases drama, quickly all in one life. Once we get through the cause and effect of karma in past relationships and learn the universe’s lesson, it dissipates not to haunt us again. In English that means, next!

I know I for one have been criticized for not being married but as I look back on my previous loves and engagement none of the men would have made me happy in a marriage. The relationship had run its course. However, I learned a lot about myself and probably dodged a bullet in some cases. I sometimes think I wasted time on men who I wanted to fix or they wanted to fix me but if I never went through that experience I wouldn’t know a healthy relationship from a bad one. Plus I’d probably never have become the matchmaker I am now. If my love life had run smoothly, I’d probably have no interest in fixing up others.

There are so many famous historical figures like Cleopatra, Henry the eighth , Queen Elizabeth  — some who’ve married a lot, had tumultuous affairs or never married at all. Each for various reasons that go against conventional wisdom. Some may have loved hard, but lost in the end.

The truth is no one knows what anyone’s personal life is like behind closed doors and to say they never had good love is hard to know for sure. For every couple you show me that has a great relationship I will show you a problem that they don’t show the world. So the next time your wallowing in self pity saying, “I cant find love” or criticizing celebs like J. Lo, Eva longoria, Taylor Swift or Madonna for their sad love life’s, remember they may have chose it unconsciously the same way you did.

To love anyone is truly an adventure you shouldn’t miss — one that can lead you to another love. And as my mother Rhoda Goldstien says , “When ever a boy broke my heart I remembered, Patti, men are like busses. No matter if your 18 or 80 there is always one that comes every ten min. You’ve just got to be ready to get on the bus.”

Don’t listen to the conventional crowd who doesn’t understand your single style.
Let the loves come in even if they don’t last they will probably lead you to the love of your life.