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Do This When Dating is Hard

I understand.

Sometimes dating can be hard. You go online. You meet a decent man. You spend a month messaging each other, but in the end, you never meet him. Read more

3 Signs You’re Dating Mr. Big Promise

Today you’re in for a real treat, because I have a video for you that will transform your dating life forever. You see, during my 20 odd years in this industry, I keep hearing women telling me the same thing. You meet an amazing man. Read more

5 Signs It’s A Good First Date Before You Even Say a Word

First dates can be the kind of magic that gives Criss Angel a run for his money. They can also be the kind of hell that makes taking an ice pick to the funny bone sound pleasant. That’s the thing with first dates, they’re a total crapshoot. You could win big in the love department or end up with, well, crap! I have five signs that should help you determine if your first date is going to be amazing or if it’s just another first date dud before the date even starts. Read more

Online Dating Opening Lines You Should Never Use

Online dating or dating via apps (that’s still online dating…or is there another word for that?) is not easy. You HAVE to do it if you’re single and want to meet someone, though. Did you read that? It’s a must. No questions about that. Relying on in person connections exclusively is like running a mile with your feet tied together. You might get to the end, but man, is there an easier way. In online dating, the rules are a little different than with in person meetings. Women can and should make the first move online. The only catch is that it’s tough and easy to fall into the trap of starting with an opening line that’s going to get you nowhere. To help you avoid that, here are 5 opening lines you should never use on online dating. Read more

Dating Agenda

Let me ask you a question today… Do you date with an agenda? Do you walk around with a checklist of the exact kind of man you want? A list of every single quality you’re looking for? Read more

How to deal when your ex dates your friend

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love reality television. I definitely do my fair share of reading, keeping up with the news, watching indie movies and appreciating scripted television. However, I have such a soft spot for trashy reality television. Right now, Bachelor in Paradise is on the top of my list for mindless tv watching. I love seeing contestants from previous seasons acting more real and getting a glimpse behind the curtain of the socializing and fraternizing that goes on within the Bachelor community. They all seem to know each other and hang out and hook up after each season films. Read more