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Do This When Dating is Hard

having funI understand.

Sometimes dating can be hard. You go online. You meet a decent man. You spend a month messaging each other, but in the end, you never meet him.

You go out with friends. You meet a guy, you start talking, there’s some chemistry, you’re getting close to him, then suddenly he stops contacting you.

You don’t understand what’s going wrong. You feel lost and frustrated. You don’t think you can do dating anymore.

So what are you supposed to do when dating is starting to get you down? What should a woman do when you’re starting to feel burned out, and like you’re never going to meet a decent guy?

You take a dating vacation.

That’s right. You stop all dating activity. Go out with friends. Catch up with family. Do something that you feel is fun. Stay as far away from dating as possible, and during that time, you don’t go online dating, you don’t even check your Tinder to see what’s going on.

If you have dating apps on your phone, don’t look at them and don’t log in. If you’re too tempted to look at the apps, delete them from your phone altogether. Ignore any texts or emails that come in from men, and don’t answer your phone from them. Don’t talk about dating with friends, and don’t do anything to try and get a date. I’m talking about you going totally cold turkey.


You need a break sometimes in life. When you take a break from something, you normally come back stronger. Everyone needs a vacation sometimes. It’s a chance to recharge your batteries.

Your mind will be clearer, and you’ll start to open up more. You won’t be as uptight or frustrated about dating, and you’ll have a more positive energy.

Sometimes when you take a break you come back better than you were before. I know when I used to have dating vacations I always came back feeling much better, and ended up meeting more women because I wasn’t so burned out.

When you do things when you’re frustrated, you make mistakes. I never make good decisions when I’m not clear. With a clear head you make clearer decisions. With a fuzzy head, you make fuzzy decisions, which rarely turn out well. Take a break from dating and see what happens.

I guarantee you’ll start to feel better, and who knows, when you’re relaxed and not thinking about dating, you may even run into someone amazing.

Don’t let dating stress you out. Dating should be fun. It shouldn’t be something that makes you anxious or upset. Relax, have a break, and things will change!

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