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3 Signs You’re Dating Mr. Big Promise

promiseToday you’re in for a real treat, because I have a video for you that will transform your dating life forever. You see, during my 20 odd years in this industry, I keep hearing women telling me the same thing.
You meet an amazing man.

He appears to be exactly what you want in a lover.

It’s all going well. Your friends are getting ready for a big wedding. They’re all jealous because you have this incredible man in your life. He promises you the world. He tells you he can’t wait to settle down with you and to live an amazing life together.

Then the strangest and most devastating thing happens. With zero warning, he disconnects from the relationship. He doesn’t return your texts or calls. He becomes cold. He cancels dates. He even stops wanting to have sex with you. You started to fall in love with this guy, and now he’s broken your heart. It’s happened before, and this time you’re more devastated than ever.

I want to show you how to avoid this nightmare scenario ever happening to you again. So checkout the video I posted for you which is called, “3 Sure-fire Signs You’ve Run Into Mr. Big Promise”

Photo credit: CJS*64 A man with a camera / CC BY