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What to do when you hate your first date

Anyone who’s been single for more than a second has gone on a downright rotten first date. I’m talking about the kind of date that makes you doubt that the entire human race, because if this a-hole is a human, then something is majorly wrong with humanity in general. Maybe the date says something racist or is way too overtly sexual or has political beliefs that are offensive to you. Maybe he takes out dental floss and cleans his teeth at the table, in front of you, and flicks a piece of chewed bread onto your plate of pasta. Read more

How to deal when your mom won’t butt out of your love life

You won’t believe how often I hear the sentence, “Ugh, you won’t believe what my mother just did!” followed by a massive eye roll. All the time! And you might think that I’m spending a large amount of time with teen girls. But, I’m not. I’m hearing this complaint and seeing those ginormous eye rolls from fully grown women. Mother interference is something most women never outgrow. Fortunately, my mother has always respected all boundaries I set up, which kind of makes her the unicorn of Jewish mothers. Read more

Negotiables And How We Get There

Non-Negotiables: (N.) An easy list in theory, tricky as hell to come up with. Our girl Patti is a huge proponent of non-negotiables. She believes coming up with five traits that a potential mate must have is important to help you navigate your dating life. What are they and why are they important to come up with? Non-negotiables are traits any guy you could consider getting serious with should align with. Creating five non-negotiables gives you a list that you truly believe in, and holds every guy to the same standards. They are completely up to you, and reflect what you want in a mate! Read more

A Key Tool For First Date Success

A hugely important aspect of my job as matchmaker is to coach my clients on their dating techniques so that they are set up for ultimate dating success! I have a whole arsenal of tips that I give to clients, but lately I have been insisting that all of the singles that I match do something a little out of the box. Read more
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