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How To Get Rid Of Mr. Creepy!

Woman turned off by a creepy guy
As a woman you probably have guys approaching you all the time, but how many of them actually interest you? I mean, some are just plain creepy right? How about that guy that just makes you feel weird when you first talk to him, but for some weird reason you have him your number anyway thinking he’d never have the guts to call you. You just wanted to get rid of him so you gave him your number so you could escape. Read more

Can Your Partner Change?

Woman ponders trying to change her partner
I received a question from a reader: Dear Anita, What advice do you have for someone who may think a person could change through a relationship – “maybe he just needs time to understand how important having a family one day will be.” Read more

What Do His Mixed Signals Mean?

Woman looks for clarity on how to read his mixed signals
One minute he’s all over you, the next he’s avoiding all contact with you. One moment he’s desperate to see you, the next he’s always too “busy” to see you. What’s going on? Why is he giving you mixed signals, and what can you do when a man gives you mixed signals? It’s funny because I get these emails from women all the time, asking me, “Why is my guy acting like this?” Read more

Ditch these 5 Dating Rules to Snag a Good Guy

Frustrated woman looks at the love rule book
You know who likes to play dating games? Players! No nice guy is into following stereotypical dating rules. Most of the time they don’t even understand them. Commitment oriented men want to be with someone who shows genuine interest in them. They need to know that a woman likes them back. Read more

How to get him to talk about his feelings?

Man discusses feelings with his girlfriend

David, How Do You Get Him To Talk About His Feelings?

Ahh one of the questions I see in my inbox at last 100 times a week (at a minimum.) “How do you get men to open up?” “Why won’t he talk to me?” “Why does he push me away?” Here’s something you need to understand about men. You can’t force a man to talk about his feelings. Asking him how he feels all the time, and bugging him to open up isn’t the way to do it. In fact, the more you push a man to show his emotional side, the more he’s going to run off and hide in his man cave! Read more

5 Things men never want you to say

Woman annoys man by saying these 5 things
Ladies, ladies, ladies. I get so many questions from you on how to please your man. The truth is that men are simple creatures. They like beer and sports and sex. And their dislikes are just as simple. What they don’t like to hear you say is actually the simplest stuff ever. But, it seems like many, many women are confused and need a little guidance. So, I thought that I’d just round up five of the top things your man never wants to hear you say. Read more