Happy Wednesday: Surprise your boo with a Hump Day celebration

Ho hum. Now that the holidays are over and not everything is a countdown to Christmas, the days can seem a little blah, right? Especially Wednesdays, a.k.a. Hump Days. Last weekend is a memory. Next weekend is nowhere in sight. And New Girl isn’t even on. One thing that could make Wednesdays more special is if you use them as an opportunity to get romantic with your boo by surprising him with something great. You’ll have something to look forward to on Wednesday, and you’ll definitely turn his Hump Day frown upside down.

So here are some surprises to kick your midweek blues to the curb.


Stop by the mall on your way home from work on Tuesday and pick up a sexy little piece of lingerie. This could be something as simple as a lacy thong, or go the full mile and get a head-to-toe sexy look. Wear it under your clothes at work on Wednesday, and you’ll feel super sexy all day, beating your own Hump Day blahs. And when he gets home and sees your sexy new get-up, he’ll forget his Hump Day blues too.

Sexy scavenger hunt

This takes a little planning, but it’s totally worth it when you see how happy it makes your man. Hide clues around your house, each with a sexy surprise. Maybe it’s a pair of undies. Maybe it’s a coupon for a massage. Maybe it’s a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. Anything that will keep your guy motivated to find more clues and eventually find you in bed, waiting for him.

Play hookey

Turn your Hump Day into a fun day by taking the day off work and spending it together. Call in sick or take a personal day, and spend the day how you wish you could spend a weekend day if you didn’t have so many errands to run and chores to do. This is the most fun when it’s spontaneous, but a well-planned day off can also be really fun.

Make lunch

I know, you barely have the energy to make dinner every night, and now I’m asking you to make a packed lunch too? Well, yeah. Do it every once and a while and make it really special. Cut his sandwich into a heart. Include a note. Or pack a special hot chocolate in a thermos as a beverage. Do one really special thing that’s above and beyond a PB&J and you’ll totally be making your honey’s day.

Sleep in the guest room

Have a special night away from your bedroom. And I know that every couple can’t afford a night out at a hotel, so why not vacation in your own home? Spend the night in the guest room or build a fort out of your couch cushions and sleep there. Getting away from the norm can really mix it up. And that’s all it takes to make a Hump Day a lot less, well, humpy.