My favorite chick flicks for a night in with you, yourself and you

The holiday season is wonderful, and I’m especially into holiday cheer this year. But those weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are full of activities, parties, socializing and thinking about other people. And while all of that stuff is clearly fun, it can be easy to forget about yourself during the holiday season.

Now that it’s over, take some much needed you time. I say go ahead and take a night (or two), curl up on your couch and watch some amazing chick flicks. Sounds great, right? Here are my favorite chick flicks right now, if you need some Netflix inspiration.

Love Actually

Depending on who you ask, this could possibly be the best chick flick of all time. Really, this is a discussion I have with my girlfriends all the time, and it’s always in the top three for us. It’s so romantic, and I love that it’s set around the holidays. Put this on and pour yourself some hot cocoa, and I really can’t imagine anything better. Wait, add some footie PJ’s. OK, now that! I can’t imagine anything better than that.

Pitch Perfect

I can’t get over how much I loved this movie. In my mind, it’s an instant classic. The love, the fun, the music, the dancing. It’s all there. Plus, it made me love Anna Kendrick. Everything is the big deal about her. She’s amazing.

Julie & Julia

This is an amazing girl-night-in movie. You learn so much about Julia Child, and she’s a fascinating individual. And before I saw this movie, I didn’t think I could love Meryl Streep any more than I already did. But apparently I was wrong because this movie intensified my girl crush by about a million fold. It’s my dream to meet Meryl Streep and eat like Julia Child. So that’s why this one is such a winner for me.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. I went to see this movie in the theaters way back when! And it was totally worth the ticket price. Kate Hudson is adorable and has the cutest frizz around her hair that reminds you that sexy doesn’t have to mean perfect. And Matthew McConaughey… well, just, yum. I’ll leave it at that, OK?

Magic Mike

I know, another Matthew McConaughey movie. I have an unabashed crush on that guy. What can I do? Plus, when you throw in Channing Tatum, it’s a double yum. And even beyond the hot factor, this movie is just so great. It’s cheesy and knows it’s cheesy and totally embraces that, which is what makes it so stinking fun to watch.