Dress up your confidence: Styling tips for your curves or lack thereof

No matter your body type, you should be dressing in a way that makes you feel fabulous. Because you are! As someone who’s had her fair share of body image bonkers moments, I thought I’d take some time to outline all of the tips I’ve accumulated on how to dress any body type so that you look like a million bucks and you feel like a jillion bucks! 

Busty ladies

Hey, busty ladies! My first tip for you is to get a bunch of scarves that you love. For some reason, blouses always look totally OK in the dressing room and then once you get them home, they wind up being a little va-va-voom in the low-cut department. Lord knows I’m into va-va-voom, but only when it’s appropriate. If you’re in a non-va-va-voom zone, slap on a gorgeous scarf and you’ll be covered.

Secondly, look for shirts that are scoop or V-necked. A little dip in your collar elongates your neck and makes your chest look more proportional. Totally avoid turtlenecks or crew necks. Those type of collars make your awesome boobs look like one weird shelf. Just refer to the above if your neckline ever drops a little low.

Bottom heavy

A-lines are your friends, your best friends. Look for skirts that flare out (into a shape that looks like the capital letter A, hence the name), and pair them with belts that are bright to draw attention to your sexy waist. Your extra curves will be hidden away in the skirt, and your super-slim waist will be accentuated.

Also, get to know color, but use it wisely. Color obviously grabs the eye’s attention. So go for brights on the area you think needs a little oomph, and dark neutrals, like black, on the parts that need de-oomphasizing. Repeat after me — brights on top and darks on the bottom. Especially keep this suggestion in mind when you’re looking at denim. Dark wash is always the way to go if you’re rolling deep below the belt.


This might sound counter-intuitive,  but get really long pants. Skip the capris, even if they’re the only pants you don’t have to get hemmed, and get full-length pants tailored so they’re nearly covering your shoes. The extra length over your shoes will give the illusion of having longer legs.

As much as I love flashy color, I’m sorry to say ladies, that for shorties, you need to dress mono-chromatically to get as much height as possible. A lot of colors break up your body and make you look even shorter. One color theme from head to toe will add the inches you’re looking for — plus it’s a very mature and sexy look.

Boyish figure

If you’re lacking in the curves department, just fake them by adding volume. For example, an A-line skirt will work your hips, and a peplum top can give you a waistline. No one knows what’s going on under the fabric, so use that to your advantage.

Also, wear heels. You may not need the extra height, but heels will give your butt an extra lift and force you to stick your chest out. Voila, instantly feminine, no matter how small your frame is.