A self-reflexology trick to help relax your mind and fall asleep

… even after a bad date!

Do you ever lie in bed struggling to get to sleep while your mind races over the day’s events? Sleep problems are the worst, and they can wreak havoc on your energy, mood, health and ability to function during the day. Here’s an easy self-reflexology technique that will help relax your body and mind so you can drift off peacefully to dreamland no matter how anxious you may be for your date tomorrow night (or the date you’re anxious to forget ever happened).

First, in case you’re wondering, reflexology is a centuries-old Chinese technique of stimulating the feet that reduces stress and improves your overall well-being. In each foot there are over 7,000 nerve endings called reflexes which correspond to every organ and system within your body. By pressing on these reflex points, you can cause a response from the nervous system that helps relax and balance the entire body. Reflexology is an effective, natural way to heal yourself from many problems — including lack of sleep!

To help get yourself to sleep, use your thumbs to press firmly on both feet to relax the following areas (I suggest doing this in bed):

Relax your brain

Relax your mind by pressing on the reflex area to the brain, located on the big toe of both feet, in the fleshy part behind the toe nail. To calm your mind (and even relieve headaches), pinch both big toes with your thumb and index finger for 10 seconds. Release and then press again for 10 seconds. You can also make small circles with your thumb in the flesh of the big toe

Relax your neck

Almost everybody has tension here, so I always suggest stimulating the reflexology area to the neck, which is located at the base of the big toe on both feet. Make small circles here with your thumbs.

Relax the back

Press on the inner edges of both feet, from the heel to the big toe, to relax your entire back. This is the reflex area to the spine, and pressing here can help your entire body “let go” so you can sleep.

Solar plexus: The nerve switchboard to the body

With your thumbs, press on the soles of your feet (one foot at a time) right in the middle of the foot. Pressing directly on this point can relax the entire body, restore calm and bring instant stress relief. Hold your thumbs for 30 seconds, release and repeat.

No hangovers

In case you drank a little too much and the sugar is keeping you awake, try this — on the sole of the right foot, press close to the outer edge of the foot just above the half way point between your heel and your toes. This is the reflex area to the liver, and pressing here for 10 seconds (release and repeat about six times) can help your body to detox, improve your sleep and prevent hangovers.