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Stop Doing This After a Date

Have you ever had – what you considered – a great date, and then you never heard from the guy again? Then you start thinking about everything that you said, how you “blew it,” what you did to scare him away and so on. You may even reach out to your friends, divulging every detail of your date to see if they could pinpoint where you went wrong? Stop it. Read more

The Lost Art Of Teasing: Turn it up for Great Sex

Teasing always gets a bad rap when it comes to dating, but when it comes to sex, it’s the best thing, since well sex. Teasing is the best way to start up something steamy and the longer you savor the suspense, the better. You know those delicious moments leading up to sex? Imagine if you could prolong all that sexual tension, the sizzling sense of anticipation and draw it out until you just can’t take it anymore. You have to have each other right then, right there, right now This is why I’m teaching you the art of teasing. Read more

The Most Important Dating Tip Of Them All

This concept has been preached about by countless dating gurus, a book was written about it, and a movie was produced, but it is always good to reiterate that sometimes… he is just not that into you. I used to do the same thing that most women do. When a guy didn’t call me back or ask me out after what I considered to be a great date, I would immediately come up with a thousand scenarios about why that may have happened. He lost his phone. He was busy at work. He called but the call never went through! You name it, I just like all of you, have tried to rationalize it. Read more

As the World Turns

In Atlanta, A person’s world can revolve around different things: their career, their family, their health, and when they’re fortunate to have one: their love interest. However when the dynamics change and one of those things are no longer a part of their world, nine times out of ten, a person  begins to center their world around something (or someone) else. Read more

5 Dates every couple has to do before fall is over

Fall is a wonderful time to be in love. Really though, when isn’t? But, I particularly love fall romance because there’s this ticking clock on the good weather. You feel like you have to do every possible outdoor activities one last time before Old Man Winter really sets in. Here are my favorite fall dates that I think you need to do with your man before fall is over. Read more