Did You Say Breastgasm? The How To’s of the Wonderful Nipple Orgasm

Woman covers her breasts after a breastgasm
Did you know that some women can have orgasms from breast stimulation alone? In fact, a nipple orgasm is the second most common form of orgasm for women. Every woman (and man) differs in the way they want to be touched, and some women might not like having their nipples touched. Read more

It’s My Metabolism! Or is it?

Woman loses weight but not because of her metabolism
Sound familiar?  If you’re carrying a few extra pounds it’s tempting to blame a sluggish metabolism. But what is metabolism really? Metabolism is the sum total of all the chemical reactions in the body. Most of us think of metabolism only as a calorie-burning phenomenon—a body process that relates to thermic efficiency. But this definition alone is inadequate. Relying on it may explain why the approaches to metabolism we’re accustomed to, such as exercise and diets that “kick-start” it, are not effective. Read more

5 Smoothing Skin Products

Sexy soft skin products
One of the more common questions I field has to do with the constantly and rapidly growing number of skin care products, at home remedies, and office treatments for improving your life, health, and appearance.  Read more

What to do when your family hates your man

Beyonce, Jay Z and Sollange
By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in an elevator while Beyonce watches. I’ve heard a million different theories on what went on in that elevator. Everything from a drunken reaction to friends getting kicked out of a party to cheating allegations to Solange showing the couple some dance moves. (Pretty sure that last one is a joke.) But the truth is that no one, aside from those three and their bodyguard, is every really going to know what happened in that elevator. But, the whole ugly situation—and family violence is always ugly, I don’t care how many “hilarious” internet memes are flying around, I will never laugh at something this serious—got me thinking…what should you do when your family doesn’t get along with your man? Well, here are some tips. Read more

Is Social Media Bad For Your Relationship?

Girl on social media on her phone
For 99.999% of us, social media is part of our daily lives. We wake up and immediately grab our phones, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We use apps for just about everything, and we thrive on being constantly connected. For the most part, social media just makes everything easier, and I'm never, ever going to be the girl who tells you to “disconnect” from the world for a week or something seriously crazy like that...you'd have to pry my own iphone from my hands first. With that said, social media can take it's toll on your romantic relationships, if you don't proceed with a bit of caution. Read more

3 things Beyonce’s stance teaches us about relationships

We've all been there. That first time we bring our significant other home to meet the family can be a nerve-wracking experience. But getting past the initial intro isn't the hardest part - it's making sure your family stays in love (or in like...or simply tolerant) of the new addition. One small thing - your crazy brother making an off-color joke, your mom letting something slip about your past relationship - can derail an otherwise on-track train. Read more