When Should I Ask Him About Commitment?

Couple sits on bench at ocean after committing to each other
I had a great email from a lady named Claire last week. She asks a common question, but one that deserves addressing. It’s all about men and commitment. Yes, I know you ladies are all about commitment and trying to figure out why some men won’t settle down. So let’s see what I can share with you today! Here’s Claire’s email and my reply below… Read more

Should I tell him I cheated?

As a matchmaker, I’m normally involved in the happiest parts of the relationship—the first date, the first kiss, the commitment to monogamy and eventually the wedding. It’s a really, really great gig! That being said, I’m also a relationship expert and I know that relationships aren’t always smooth sailing. Scratch that. Relationships are never completely smooth sailing. They’re hard work and all of them have their rough patches. And some rough patches are rougher than others. The roughest of the rough is cheating. When you’re the cheater, the big question is should I tell him I cheated? You need to ask yourself some serious questions before you make a decision on that. Here they are: Read more

Make a move or forever hold your peace

Woman waits for a kiss
Is he EVER going to kiss me!? Ahhhh.  Is there something wrong with me? Is he not attracted to me? Yes, we have all been here.  Some guys are just dumb. Sorry guys, but it’s a true story.  They just are not perceptive of when or how to make that first move.  But I will tell you one thing, If they wait too long, the time will pass and it will be forever gone. Read more

5 Qualities That You Should Look For in a Partner

A happy couple on the grass
According to an American Psychological Association journal article titled Happy Couples, along with the best selling book by Barbara De Angelis titled Are You the One for Me?: Knowing Who's Right and Avoiding Who's Wrong, pointed to five discernable qualities that a partnership must have to be successful. Try to seek these qualities in your partner and make sure you take the risk to open yourself up to truly find out these qualities about someone else. This means you will need to critically analyze this person with fairness and total objectivity. In doing so, this can result in a deeper connection with this person and save you a lot of time and trouble as it will ensure you are on the right path to picking the right matches for yourself. On the other hand, if someone does not meet these basic criteria then you should not consider this person a fitting partner for yourself and have the strength to walk away. Read more

Why Men And Women Don’t Think The Same

Today I have very basic, yet powerful advice for you ladies. Men and women think VERY differently. Men don’t read into everything like women do. If you get a text message from us that says, “Shall we meet up later?” we actually do mean, “Shall we meet later?” If we say, “I’m tied up today. Can we do tomorrow?” We really mean, “I’m tied up today. Can we do tomorrow?” There’s not any hidden agenda or underlying secret. 99% of the time, we mean what we say. You don’t always need to analyze what we’ve said, or try to second-guess what we’re thinking. Don’t waste hours thinking, “Hmmm, what does he mean by, he’s tied up today? Does that mean he’s seeing another woman? What’s he thinking? Does he want me to chase him?” Read more

Four Fashion Trends Your Lady Hates

Men are just as guilty as women when it comes to making fashion faux pas. In fact, I would say they’re more frequent fashion offenders than we are, which is why I feel it is my duty to outline all of the trends men wear that women hate. You’ll thank me later, guys, I promise. Read more