What To Do When You’re The “Anxious Girlfriend”

Anxious Girlfriend writes, I moved in with my boyfriend recently and our relationship is not going too well.  I am 29 and he is 31, we have dated for two and a half years and lived together for two months.  Prior to moving in together, we discussed engagement but he wants to put it off another year or two till he is financially more stable.  Basically, I feel that he is not putting our relationship first.  If he takes off work, it’s to hang out with friends, not to spend it with me.  He isn’t much for housework or planning activities for us.  I have had trust issues due to my ex cheating on me, and I’ve caught my boyfriend in a couple of small lies, and have also checked his phone a couple of times (I didn’t find anything).  I don’t know if my anxiety is the issue or if he’s having trouble adjusting to living together.  Please help, I don’t want to ruin this relationship if the issue is me. Read more

The Trials and Tribulations of Tinder

I swiped right, and then those magical words appeared on my phone, “It’s a Match!”  It’s kind of exhilarating to see who thought I was attractive enough to swipe right.  Now here comes the tricky part: will this hot guy actually message me or will our match go into the Tinder abyss?  I was fortunate enough to receive messages from pretty attractive men, but that is pretty much where it ended.  So if you ask me, Boston Tinder has left plenty to be desired.  The only success stories I can share from this experience are the encounters that I wish I could make up. Read more

Fall Cleaning

Over the summer, I accumulated a lot of junk: an unhealthy addiction to purchasing hardcover books, cheap pairs of shoes I never wore, and a lot of empty wine bottles that should probably be recycled. Summer is rough, you guys. Add all of that junk onto the junk I already own, and I’m not totally sure how I manage to fit my entire life in a 7x10ft room. Especially considering my closet only fits half of each hanger inside of it. Why is Spring the only season that has a designated cleaning period? I’m bringing it back for a much-needed Fall Cleaning. Read more

3 Tips to Up Your Online Dating Game!

Remember when online dating was something people did behind closed doors?  It wasn’t so long ago that dating online was seen as taboo. People feared the dreaded criticism of seeming desperate or dare I say pathetic. For the most part, those days are gone. Today if you’re single, chances are that you’ve been Tindering on your lunch break along with your friends. Read more

Dating in LA is the pits, here’s why

Talk to anyone in L.A. and they’ll tell you the dating scene is the worst. But tell that to someone outside of Los Angeles and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy.

But it’s true. Dating in this town is the pits, and since some may find the idea that you can’t meet someone in a city full of beautiful and wealthy people hard to understand, I’ll gladly explain why.

Read more

Does Short Hair on Women Mean They Are “No Longer Trying”?

So, when I asked on my blog what men find attractive in women, one response was, “short hair, because it seems like the woman isn’t trying.” His statement sparked some debate over whether this idea is “sexist.”  Well, first of all, I am not opening debate on whether actually preferring long hair makes him sexist.  Preferences are preferences, period.  I like guys with hair, versus bald, so does that make me hairist?  No. Read more