Modern Romance

New York is an ever-changing city which means, as inhabitants, we must evolve with it or risk being left behind in the dirt dust. This applies to how we discover our next job, the steps we take to acquire a fantastic apartment, and even the way we look for love.

It’s not like it was any easier to find a job back in the day. Gorgeous apartments still exist; you just need to find them on Craigslist, not in the newspaper. And, chivalry isn’t dead; it’s just morphed into modern times.

Scummy dudes have not replaced gentlemen. Romance isn’t being held hostage by lust and convenience. Just because the toothache-inducing sweet stories of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations don’t happen anymore doesn’t mean thoughtful and loving gestures have disappeared into the dark depths of the Hudson River.

Those tender moments that make your Feel Muscles pulse are still there. We just need to shift our perspective on to the significance of each expression of love in order to truly appreciate them. Some comparisons:

THEN: You receive a mix tape with songs from the radio that remind him of you

NOW: A Spotify playlist is curated just for you, and continues to grow as more songs make him think of you

THEN: He meets you at your building with flowers and then walks you to your door after the date

NOW: In the summer he chooses a restaurant in your neighborhood so you don’t have to walk too far in your heels; in the winter he pays for your Uber home

THEN: He asks you to go steady

NOW: He deletes every dating app from his phone

THEN: He places a personal ad in the paper

NOW: This:

Modern Romance Image

Just kidding! But see, there is still mushy romance to be had! Our city is ever evolving, so we must adapt with it and understand it, or risk becoming that one flyer guy’s last chance girlfriend.