What a millionaire’s vacation home says about him

I feel like as soon as summer ended, all of my friends started planning their fall and winter vacations. And who can blame them? Summer feels like a season long vacation with the weekend trips and the great weather and the slower workflow. It’s the absolute best! As soon as it stops, you can’t help but want to create a mini summer for yourself. I started to realize how different the vacations my friends are planning are and how they reflect their personalities in a big way. The same thing can be said for millionaire men and their vacations homes. Investing in a vacation home is a major commitment, even for a millionaire. Because there’s a lot of thought, planning and, let’s get real, money involved in getting a vacation home, the type of vacation home he owns can give you a great insight into a millionaire’s personality. Here’s a little break down.

East Coast beach town

If a guy owns a second home in a beach town on the East Coast, you’re looking at a really traditional man who likes stability and certainty. A beach home in a traditional weekend destination is safe bet. He’ll always be able to get there, he’ll know people from his city life who are also vacationing there and he’ll be able to stay in touch with his office. This all points to him being solid and reliable, which are great things in a partner. But he can sometimes veer into being too reliable, if you know what I mean. Reliable can quickly become boring if you’re not careful. So, if you’re dating a guy like this, put in some extra effort to spicing things up. You may have to be the one to find new places for date nights or make the first move to get a little freaky in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean that he’s not interested in new exciting things. It’s just that you have a guy who’s very comfortable being comfortable.

Winter villa

A guy who has a place in a wintery destination is a guy who likes adventure and is super active. His hobbies are important to him and so is staying in shape. It will be hard to relate to this man if you aren’t a snow bunny yourself. Staying back and drinking cocoa by the fire can be fun the first few times, but it gets lonely after a while and there’s no way this guy will stay in with you. He made a big purchase to be able to ski or snowboard as much as possible. So, of course he’s going to go for it when he’s there! This is a man who likes to take risks and doesn’t always do the most practical thing. He does the thing that feels best to him. Buying real estate based on a hobby you can only do a few months a year isn’t the most sensible thing, but it sure is fun and makes him feel great. He’s a guy who focuses on having a good time in the moment, so you may have to do a bit more of the long term thinking for the two of you.

Tropical hideaway

Here’s a guy who knows how to unwind. He works like mad when he’s at the office, but he certainly knows how to relax and take time for himself. Work hard, play hard is his motto and that’s a great thing for you! The tropics are far away from the daily stresses of life and buying a home there is committing to regularly unplugging and seriously relaxing. This is a guy who knows a lot about balance. Honestly, I’m looking for a fellow like this because I could use a work-life balance coach. So, if you know one, DM me!

European escape

A man with a place to escape to in Europe regularly is a man who knows about the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to treat himself to them. This is a guy who’s all about luxury, which could be a great match for you! But, if you’re an adventure seeker or like anything rough around the edges, I say take a few steps back. This guy is polished to a shine! Nothing rough or rugged about him at all. Some might call him genteel and others might call him a little too pretty. With this guy, it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

Of course, all bets are off if the vacation homes are inherited or shared among family. But, if he made the choice himself, I think you’ll find my assessments are spot on. Good luck out there, my millionaire seekers! Hope this helps your hunting!