What your millionaire’s future travel plans say about your relationship

Travel PlansSpring has sprung and it’s time for warm weather and sunshine… which often means more travel! Something about the cold makes us all want to hibernate. It must be in our DNA to stay put and nest when it’s freezing. Once that snow melts, though, it’s time to open our doors and our passports and get traveling. When you’re dating a millionaire, travel can be a big part of their schedule and therefore, a big part of your life. If you’re unsure of where you stand with your millionaire, their upcoming travel plans can be really telling about your relationship. Here’s what their travel plans say.

Business only

Millionaires are busy with their careers. That’s a fact! I mean, they have to earn their millions somehow. So, it’s hard to complain about a lot of their time and travel getting dedicated to work. But, if all of their upcoming trips are for business and you’re getting left behind for every single one, that’s not a great indication of where your relationship is going. It would be easy enough to bring you on a trip, even if it’s a busy period. Then, you two would at least have nights together and maybe early breakfasts. And, if it’s not crunch time, extending the stay a bit to have a romantic adventure together is a sweet gesture. But, if you’re not getting invited on any trips, my general thought is…YIKES! Time to reevaluate this relationship.

Plus one voyages

Millionaires travel in packs. They have a lot of millionaire buddies who like to travel in posses together. If your millionaire has started bringing you as a plus one on their group trips, that’s a great thing. It means that they’re proud of you and think you’ll vibe well with their little gang. Great stuff…at the start of a relationship. It means you’re going places! But, if it’s been a while and you’ve only been asked to go on group travel and there’s no mention of something special for the two of you, it could be less than great news for you two. Your millionaire might not be in the market for something serious. A fun time might be just enough for them. If that’s not what you’re looking for, it’s could be time to take your frequent flier miles somewhere else.

Romantic plans

A one on one trip you plan together or your millionaire plans especially for you is obviously the golden ticket to a fantastic future. Taking the time to work together with you on your dream trip as a couple is a really special thing. And a surprise crafted to please you is just as dreamy. This millionaire’s a keeper. And they clearly think you are, too! Picture this: cruising along the scenic coastal roads, feeling the gentle Hawaiian breeze, and immersing yourselves in the vibrant atmosphere. Amidst your millionaire plans, the idea of scooter rentals in Waikiki emerges as a delightful addition, injecting a touch of spontaneity and thrill into your romantic getaway. Imagine the thrill of zipping through the picturesque streets of Waikiki, the rhythmic hum of the scooter harmonizing with the ocean’s distant melody. The millionaire’s thoughtful surprise unfolds as you discover a pair of sleek scooters awaiting your command, ready to whisk you away on impromptu adventures.

Family visits

Visiting family is a very intimate thing. Bringing you on their trips to see their family means that this relationship is the real deal. You’re not on your way to something meaningful. You two are already there. Be sure that you’re reciprocating this level of vulnerability and revealing just as much about yourself and your background. I think you two are going to be in this for the long haul.


This is a tricky one because it can go either way. A staycation together could mean that your millionaire dropped the ball on planning anything and wants to get all the credit of whisking you away with none of the work or thoughtfulness. In that case, I say this relationship isn’t worth your time. But, if you’re a staycation person and a few days together at home with no distractions is your idea of heaven, then this feels like a good sign that your millionaire knows just how to make you happy. So, that feels like you two are winners together. Hate to leave you hanging on this one, but you need to check in your gut to get a sense of what your millionaire was thinking to really decode this type of travel.

Hope that helps you decipher some clues about how your millionaire views your relationship! Shout below in the comments if there’s a type of travel plan I missed that you want some clarity on. Happy to reply back!