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Travel with your new boo before you hit three months

New relationships are fun and sexy and exciting. They’re also one extended test. Don’t cringe at the word “test,” though! (Or do, but stick with me, please!) I’ve witnessed so many of my friends not treat their new relationships as a test and I just have to say something in case you’re doing the same thing. Instead of starting something with a new man and testing it out to see if this relationship works for her, I’ll often see my friend transition into “needing to make it work” Read more

5 Romantic weekend trips that will make you feel like a millionaire

Have your weekends with your bae devolve into Netflix binges and housework? Has it been more than a month since your last date night? Do you feel like you need to make up for lost romantic time? If so, you might want to block off an upcoming weekend for a romantic trip. Weekend getaways are the perfect way to inject some emergency romance into your relationship. And I think they’re so fun. I love having something to look forward to and they stress me out less than a normal vacation. (Yes, I get stressed out by vacations. I’m a true workaholic!) You only need to take a day, or sometimes even a half day, off of work to make a weekend trip. Read more

What your millionaire’s future travel plans say about your relationship

Spring has sprung and it’s time for warm weather and sunshine... which often means more travel! Something about the cold makes us all want to hibernate. It must be in our DNA to stay put and nest when it’s freezing. Once that snow melts, though, it’s time to open our doors and our passports and get traveling. When you’re dating a millionaire, travel can be a big part of their schedule and therefore, a big part of your life. If you’re unsure of where you stand with your millionaire, their upcoming travel plans can be really telling about your relationship. Here’s what their travel plans say. Read more

How to plan your first vacation together

If you clicked into this, that means that you and your new boo are getting ready to go your first vacation. That’s a huge step in a relationship! Congrats! The fact that both of you want to travel together means that your both feeling this relationship. A trip is a real test for a relationship and you two think your relationship will pass with flying colors! Great! Now, the only thing to do is to plan it…which is kinda a big part. You guys need to talk money, logistics and commitments. So, it can get sticky. Here’s how to do it so you wind up going on the vacation of your dreams with the man of your dreams! Read more

Unsure if he’s the one? Take a vacation together

Are you several dates or even a few weeks in and not sure if your new guy is something serious or just fun for now? Of course that’s where you are that early in a relationship. It’s totally normal. Well, I’ve just taken a whole new approach to the beginning stage uncertainties. Instead of waffling back and forth for who knows how long, I say take a vacation together. That’s right. Put the pedal to the metal and go on a couples’ vacation. Just the two of you. I know that seems crazy. Why would you rush into a huge milestone? Couldn’t pushing it like that ruin everything? What if it’s terrible and you’re trapped? All of those are very understandable concerns…and actually exactly why I think you should do it. Let me explain. Read more

Are you really ready for the holidays with his family?

Thanksgiving is coming up, folks! You probably didn’t need me to tell you that. Grocery stores, drug stores and Hallmark stores have been ready for the holidays since mid-August, I think. Maybe July, depending on where you live! But, now’s the time of year where we really start to think seriously about actual plans for the holidays. So, let’s get to planning. Are you ready to spend it with your new boo’s family? If you’re not sure one way or another, here are some guiding questions to help you figure it out? (“Guiding questions” is what my elementary school reading teacher used to call our language arts homework. And that was always my favorite subject! Anyway...) Read more