How to plan your first vacation together

plan vacationIf you clicked into this, that means that you and your new boo are getting ready to go your first vacation. That’s a huge step in a relationship! Congrats! The fact that both of you want to travel together means that your both feeling this relationship. A trip is a real test for a relationship and you two think your relationship will pass with flying colors! Great! Now, the only thing to do is to plan it…which is kinda a big part. You guys need to talk money, logistics and commitments. So, it can get sticky. Here’s how to do it so you wind up going on the vacation of your dreams with the man of your dreams!

Discuss your wish list

Obviously, we need to start with communication. That’s the key to getting through anything with a partner! Once you decide to travel together, spend a night going through your wish list and your limitations. Talk dates and how much work you can miss. Talk money, even if it’s awkward. And talk dream destinations. Find one place that feels perfect for the two of you. And then run down why you actually want to go to that destination. You want to actually be able to spend time together once you’re there! If you’re gunning for that destination for the scuba diving and he only wants to go there for the fishing, it might not be the bonding vacation you’re hoping for.

Divide and conquer

Once you guys pick dates and a place, divide and conquer responsibilities. One of you take flights, the other take hotels. Maybe one person can handle restaurant reservations and food stuff while the other deals with booking tours and activities. Make sure that the planning is split between the two of you and that you don’t step on his responsibilities and he doesn’t step on yours. This is a couple’s vacation, so go at it as a team. Plus, planning the different elements separately allows for each of you to plan special treats for the other.

Go with the flow

Be prepared to be out of control on several aspects of your vacation. You’re not in charge of the elements that he’s planning, but there will also be other things that pop up in planning. Maybe the hotel room you want isn’t available or you two decided on Belize, but then you realized the only time you can go is during the rainy season there. And now Belize doesn’t sound great to you any more. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, figure out what’s going right and spend your energy making more of that happen. Go with the flow. Your first vacation together certainly won’t be perfect, but it can be perfectly fun if you let it be.

Good luck on your first trip together! That’s probably my favorite part of a new relationship, so I hope you really enjoy it!