What to do if you want different vacations

Summer is here and it’s time to think about vacations! On the real though, when is it not time to think about vacations? I’m always bookmarking travel articles and liking vacation-inspo pics, no matter the time of year. But, with school out and workloads a little lighter, summer is the official vacation season. So, what happens if you start thinking about a vacation and you and your boo don’t agree on what that vacation should be? He wants a relaxing beach vacation and you want to go to museums. Or you want adventure and she wants shopping. Two different people, even two people in a really great relationship, can want very different things out of their vacations. Here’s how to make that work.

Find a place you both enjoy

Just because you each want different vacations doesn’t mean you actually have to go to different places. There are lots of destinations that have a relaxing beach bum feel with hiking and culture minutes away. You two can have different experiences during the day and come together for romantic evenings. You can also go on mini vacations within a vacation. Leave him by the pool and go for an overnight stay a few hours away. Or send her off on her own adventure for 24 hours while you spend all day at the spa. There are ways to have very different experiences and still spend a lot of time together.

Go on different vacations

Being in a couple doesn’t mean you have to do everything together and that includes vacations. Travel with friends or solo sometimes. Spending a week or two apart won’t ruin your relationship. In fact, it could make it stronger. You know what they say about absence! If she really won’t enjoy what you’re doing or you feel like he’ll be wasting his vacation days humoring you, then don’t do it together. Separate vacations every once in a while are totally fine in my book. You’ll know if this is right for your relationship.

Remember it’s two weeks

Keep everything in perspective. A vacation isn’t a long time. So, even if you wind up compromising big time or you don’t get the trip of your dreams every time you set off together, it’s not that big of a deal. If the other 50 weeks of the year are great with your boo, focus on that. Not being compatible vacationers is actually small potatoes in the big picture.

Hope that helps you navigate the sticky waters of planning a couple’s vacation. It’s not easy, especially in the early days of dating. But, I’m sure you two will find a way to be happy during your time off…together or separately!