My favorite date spots from coast to coast

Picking the perfect date spot is a lot of pressure. Here’s the thing though, the spot is such a small percentage of what makes a date magical. It’s way more about your chemistry. So you shouldn’t stress at all about the place. And to help you not stress, I’ve come up with this helpful list of general spots that exist just about everywhere in the country and make great settings for the perfect date to unfold.

Steak house

I love a good steak house. Even though they sell themselves on being total meat and potatoes kinds of places, there’s really something at a steak house for even the pickiest eaters. It’s great for gluten-free folks (there’s no gluten in steak!), pescetarians (steak house shrimp cocktail is seriously off the chain), vegetarians (the sides are amazing!) and even dieters (the salad bar or menu selection at a steak house is always awesome!). You can’t go wrong with a good old American steak house.


A sushi restaurant is a little more adventurous and a little less accessible than a steak house, but can be a ton of fun on a date. And I love sharing rolls with a new person who introduces me to new sushi hut.

French restaurant

The French restaurant is the little black dress of date spots. It’s always a winner. My one caution here is to be sure you’re ready for a splurge, both financially and calorically, when you head off to a French meal. Even though French women don’t get fat, I’m pretty sure that women who eat at American French restaurants do. So save this for special occasions.


Going to a diner for a date is unbelievably fun and will make you feel like a teenager again. The food is easy, the music is always great and conversation just seems to flow easier when there are French fries on his plate to steal, right?


I love seafood. And no one does seafood better than a place that specializes in fresh-from-the-ocean grub. Give me a dozen oysters on ice, and I’m such a happy girl. Oh, and let’s not forget that most seafood places serve killer Key lime pie. That’s always such a treat.


Why wait for dessert when you can make it your whole meal? That was always my motto in middle school, and it still applies today. Go to a place known for a special dessert and share it with your boo. Nothing’s sweeter than your sweetie of course, but it’s good to sample the competition.