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What To Do If Your Partner Is Depressed

The news of Robin Williams’s suicide broke my heart into a million pieces. I have always been and will always be such a fan of his. Mork and Mindy is one of my all time favorite shows. His stand up always cracked me up, and I loved him as Genie in Aladdin. Losing him is tragic on so many fronts. One of the few silver linings of this tragedy is that it’s raising the profile of depression awareness. Celebrities, organizations and individuals are coming out with words of encouragement and personal stories. It’s really heartening to witness. Depression is a very serious disease that’s very common, which is important for us all to know. Equally as important to know--depression is treatable. It’s not a death sentence at all. With the right support and treatment, people living with depression can lead very rich and very happy lives. But, of course, support and treatment are key to making that happen. So, I thought I’d offer some advice to people who are in relationships with depressed partners. Read more

Let’s Talk About Sex Dreams – Sex with a Celebrity

Let’s talk just a little bit more about sex dreams, kay? So far we’ve covered sex dreams about the ex, the mystery lover, the co-worker and the boss. So how about we talk about the celebrity! Sometimes the steamy star studded dream can be just what the doctor ordered, the kind of dream you never want to wake up from, the kind where you are having  a passionate tryst with Brad Pitt on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta with the rhythm of the waves matching the rhythm of your bodies... sigh.  And then there’s the kind where you playing tonsil hockey with Carrot Top!

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6 Tips to Cook Good and Look Good

As a nutritionist, I know a lot of facts about healthy foods. As a wannabe chef, I like to surround ingredients with butter and wrap them in bacon. And as a fashionista, I want to fit into all the cute clothes. A conundrum indeed. But, who better to unravel this dietary dilemma, than me? Read more

Let’s Talk About Sex Dreams… Sex With The Boss

Last week we explored what it REALLY means when you have a naughty dream about a co-worker, so the natural progression is that this week we cover the “sex with the boss” dream.

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Why a Relationship Won’t “Complete” You

When you're single, there is always the slight chance that today will be the day when you meet the person you've been looking for, and along with that comes many, many hopes for the future. While looking ahead and being optimistic is always a great thing, it can also put you in a sort of holding pattern when it comes to the present day. Do you find yourself thinking things like: When I have a boyfriend, I will finally be totally happy? If so, you're waiting for a relationship to complete you, to fill a void and then, and only then will you be 100% satisfied with your life. But...what about right now? Don't you deserve 100% right now, today, this moment?  Because what happens when you do fall in love, and it's wonderful and magic...and yet, you still aren't happy or complete. Breaking news! No relationship can complete you. Here is why. Read more

Sex Dreams About a Co-Worker

Been having naughty dreams about a co-worker? Whether they make you blush or vomit, your co-worker dreams are not only common... understanding the dream is well worth your while because odds are, that dream is actually trying to help you improve yourself !

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