Sweet, Salty & Sexy

6 Tips to Cook Good and Look Good


As a nutritionist, I know a lot of facts about healthy foods. As a wannabe chef, I like to surround ingredients with butter and wrap them in bacon. And as a fashionista, I want to fit into all the cute clothes. A conundrum indeed. But, who better to unravel this dietary dilemma, than me?

Here are my six tips to cook your best to look your best!

  1. Have a love affair with food. If you aren’t head over heels in love with a recipe or ingredient, take a pass. Select only standout dishes prepared with real food, not fake and processed substitutions. Choose three or four bites of great food over ten bites of mediocre food. Great food satisfies you so you don’t have to eat as much.
  1. Rock your recipes and your taste buds with strong, vibrant flavors and spices that put an end to bland, boring dishes. Get creative…let cilantro fill in for parsley, morels for button mushrooms, etc.
  1. Experience pleasure when eating to guarantee a greater metabolic return. That means sitting at a table with a plate and eating slowly, which allows your stomach to register fullness so you’ll stop before overeating.
  1. Rethink portions. Appetizers, soups, and salads can begin a meal, or be the meal.
  1. Mark the close of a meal with a sweet to cut down on grazing between mealtimes. Try a piece of dark chocolate, a cappuccino, or a few bites of dessert. You’ll be surprised at how indulging in a regular treat curbs your cravings.
  1. In order to lighten up, lighten up. Don’t beat yourself up over dietary dogma. Replace criticism of yourself with curiosity about food and the way your body enjoys and uses it.