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Let’s Talk About Sex Dreams – Sex with a Celebrity


Let’s talk just a little bit more about sex dreams, kay? So far we’ve covered sex dreams about the ex, the mystery lover, the co-worker and the boss. So how about we talk about the celebrity! Sometimes the steamy star studded dream can be just what the doctor ordered, the kind of dream you never want to wake up from, the kind where you are having  a passionate tryst with Brad Pitt on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta with the rhythm of the waves matching the rhythm of your bodies… sigh.  And then there’s the kind where you playing tonsil hockey with Carrot Top!

No matter which celebrity makes a naughty cameo in your dream production, you can be certain your dreaming mind chose him or her for a very good reason. The best way to figure out why a celebrity is co-starring with you in your dream is to ask yourself what it is that celebrity is best known for. Is it a character they have played on TV or in the movies? Can you relate that character or show to your life right now? Is it a song? If so, does the title or the lyrics speak to you right now? Whether you are a fan or not, there is something about that celebrity that your inner mind connects with and it uses that celebrity to convey a message to you, about you so that you can continue to shine.

The following is from is a PERFECT example of how the celebrities in our dreams provide more than entertainment value… they come with a very important message.

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed that I was going to have sex with Lenny Kravitz. He was waiting for me in a bedroom and I was in my co-worker’s bathroom for an hour getting ready: showering, shaving, putting on makeup, etc. I was wondering if he would fall asleep waiting for me, and kept looking at the clock because it was 10pm and I was afraid I would be late getting home. Boy I wish that dream was real!   – Christine 44, Wear, NH

In real life what are you preparing for that seems to be taking longer than anticipated? Lenny Kravitz is a clue… and a very nice clue at that! When a celebrity appears in our dreams the message they hold for us can usually be found in a role that they have played, a movie they have been in or in the title or lyrics of a song that they sing. When you think of Lenny, what comes to mind? Whatever it is, that is where we are going to get our “Aha! Moment.”

Christine replies: The only thing I can think of right away is that he stars in The Hunger Games.  I’m not sure how that would fit my current life. I’ve been wanting to change careers and get my high school diploma to go to college, but that isn’t something I‘ve started working on yet. I have been having a hard time losing weight and that is something I’ve been attempting for some time now. And I do remember being paranoid thinking he would think I was fat.

This may be what all the waiting in your dream is connected to: how long YOU are taking to do what is necessary to get that diploma, change careers AND ESPECIALLY lose weight. This is definitely where Lenny Kravitz comes in. He must represent the hunger you have to deal with in order to lose the weight you want that is unfortunately taking too long to come off. Hunger is not a game, however. Don’t starve yourself. Curves rock… like Lenny!  😉

See how it works?

Remember, celebrities are known, seen, recognized and applauded; the celebrity in your dream is portraying a part of you that wants recognition and approval, and it is most likely connected to what that celebrity is best known for. So give yourself a critique of your performance in life lately. Do you deserve two thumbs up and applause, or boos and hisses?

Have you had any naughty celebrity dreams lately? Share them in the comments below!